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Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Book Pick

The New Thought Police: Inside the Left’s Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds by Tammy Bruce and Laura C. Schlessinger

Tammy Bruce is a classic Liberal, not a leftist. A very important distinction these days. Unlike the far left extremists that have hijacked the democrat party, Classic Liberals are defenders of Free Speech.

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AIG execs pressured to donate to democrat Senator Dodd

The Washington Times has the story on how the Senate Banking Committee Chair, democrat Chris Dodd, collected large donations from AIG employees.

Mr. Dodd's campaign quickly hit pay dirt, collecting more than $160,000 from employees and their spouses at the AIG Financial Products division (AIG-FP) in Wilton, Conn., in the days before he took over as the committee chairman in January 2007. Months later, the senator transferred the donations to jump-start his 2008 presidential bid, which later failed.

Now, two years later, Mr. Dodd has emerged as a central figure in the government's decision to let executives at the now-failing AIG collect more than $218 million in bonuses, according to the Connecticut attorney general - even as the company was receiving billions of dollars in assistance from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). He acknowledged that he slipped a provision into legislation in February that authorized the bonuses, but said the Treasury Department asked him to do it.
The employees were told, "If you agree," to write checks for $2,100 from themselves and their spouses and to send them to Mr. Dodd's campaign within four days. They also were to ask the senior members of their management teams to do the same and send copies of their checks to the company.

The Dodd campaign collected $162,100 from AIG-FP employees and their spouses within six weeks of the e-mail, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission.

Note that the employees were told to send copies of their checks to the company. That may be legal, but it clearly crosses an ethical line.

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Cap and Tax

Our Dear Leader's so-called "Cap and Trade" program is really a "Cap and Tax" program that is going to suck more money from the paychecks of every American.

This energy tax is going to hit the poorest the hardest, since they pay the largest percentage of their income on energy costs (electricity, heating and transportation).

White House sources have admitted that this will be an average increase of $1,800 per family!

President Obama’s energy tax plan -- a version of the failed European “cap and trade” global warming fiasco -- may cost families $1,800 yearly in higher utility bills, far exceeding his promised $800 a year tax cut for 95% of Americans.

While campaigning, Obama admitted that his energy plan would cause electric bills to “skyrocket.” President Obama’s energy tax plan -- a version of the failed European “cap and trade” global warming fiasco -- may cost families $1,800 yearly in higher utility bills, far exceeding his promised $800 a year tax cut for 95% of Americans.

While campaigning, Obama admitted that his energy plan would cause electric bills to “skyrocket.”

So when Candidate Obama said that Americans making less than $250,000 a year would not see any new taxes, he was lying! Get used to it folks. It's a long way until January 20, 2013.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday B Movie Pick

A Force of One

A Chuck Norris classic from 1979. Bill “Superfoot” Wallace also has a big presence in this film. For the star power, Jennifer O’Neill does quite nicely. Eric Laneuville plays Norris’ adopted son, in his second martial arts film (the first was 1974’s Black Belt Jones), and later appeared in “St. Elsewhere.”

The Friday B-Movie Archive.

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Marion Barry, tax cheat

Former democrat D.C. Mayor, and former crackhead, Marion Barry has joined the ranks of many prominent democrats.

He is, like our Dear Leader's Secretary of the Treasury, a tax cheat.

According to the Washington Post, Barry "owes the federal government more than $277,000 in back taxes and skipped at least six months of recent payments on taxes owed to the D.C. government, according to federal authorities.”

HT to Mr. Reynolds

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust!

Yet another one of BHO's selections, this one for Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has removed his name from the running. It was disclosed that Jon Cannon was on the board of a nonprofit group faulted for mishandling federal grant money.

A 2007 EPA inspector general's report on the foundation alleged a variety of irregularities involving $25 million in federal grants to assess water quality problems, including those at farms and pork processing facilities. The problems with accounting, improper cash advances and similar violations stretched from 1998 to 2005, according to the report.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BHO Teleprompter upgrade

If you look at the carefully edited photographs of our Dear Leader last night posted by CNN and MSNBC, you'll quickly notice what's missing.

His teleprompter screens.

BHO addiction to his teleprompter, and his gaffe filled stuttering speaking style, without it have been noted by those who pay even the slightest bit of attention.

Red State points out the truth. Our Dear Leader didn't go teleprompter cold turkey. His teleprompter was "upgraded to a full-size plasma screen at the back of the room from which to read his remarks."

Jeff Emanuel nails it:

Look, you can give him (or his handlers) credit for realizing what a story the glass plates the supposedly-articulate president had become utterly dependent on to make anything remotely resembling a coherent public address. However, you can’t give them credit, as so many are trying to do this morning, for ditching the scripting altogether, any more than you can give a kid credit for no longer cheating on a test because he scrubbed the answers off of his forearm and instead brought them to class on a piece of poster board.

The illusion that Obama is a skilled speaker is rapidly fading.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#1 at Amazon

The #1 seller for all books at Amazon today is Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

Barely two months into the administration of the most far left extremist President in over 30 years, and a book called a "manifesto for the conservative movement for the 21st century", and explains how conservative principles are "always an enhancement to individual freedom" is flying off the shelves and into the minds of Americans.

Could it be the centrists who voted for "Change" without looking too closely at just what that change was are having a bit of buyers remorse? It's a safe bet that Conservatives and right of center centrists who stayed home on election day because they just weren't that thrilled with John McCain are figuring out that the lesser of two evils wasn't such a bad idea after all?

It does appear that the left's crowing about the "death of Conservatism" after our Dear Leader's election, was a bit premature.

Also available on the Kindle, and an audio book on CD.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Book Pick - On Basilisk Station

On Basilisk Station by David Weber

The first book in David Weber's best selling Honor Harrington series. Often, and accurately called "Horatio Hornblower in Space," this series tells the tale of an Officer in Royal Manticorian Navy. In this book, she is a Commander and has just received her second "Hyper" command. Set in the far future, the series has a definate "Age of Sail" feel, with missle broadsides instead cannon broadsides.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Insight into BHO

Some our Dear Leader's recent actions give some valuable insight into his policies and priorities. Here are three examples.

Wanting disabled vets to pick up their own tab at VA hospitals. That Jon Stewart jumped on him over this, is a clear sign that this was an incredible stupid idea. It also gives an insight into BHO’s priorities. Money for Disabled military veterans is OK to cut from the budget. $900 million for the terrorist group Hamas and billions for the vote fraud specialists at ACORN is a good place to spend US tax payer dollars.

His “gift” for the British Prime Minister. The British PM gives a thoughtful and historically significant gift designed to honor the new President. BHO gives the Prime Minister, who is blind in one eye and in danger of losing sight in his other eye, a set of DVDs. To further demonstrate the lack of thought in this gift, the DVDs are not encoded in the regional format for the UK, i.e. they won’t play in most UK DVD players. The only thing more insulting would to have included Netflicks return envelopes.

Picking Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State. From a political standpoint, it was smart move. It got her out of the Senate, where she was seen as a strong party leader. From a governing the country standpoint, it doesn’t seem that smart. How many fluent Russian speakers are there in the State Department? Enough to get the word “reset” translated properly is a pretty safe bet. HRC couldn’t find one though. The Russians have to be questioning her basic competence now. HRC is infamous for selecting staff for their personal loyalty to her above all else. Is she letting that go down to the level of picking a translator on that basis rather than competence in the Russian language? It appears so. HRC is certainly smart, and politically savvy, but foreign policy was never her strong point. BHO it seems, was more concerned about removing a political rival from a position that threatened him, than selecting a qualified individual for an important foreign policy position.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Edition of the Friday B-Movie Pick

On this Saturday edition of of the Friday B-Movie Pick, Tom Mix and Wyatt Earp meet in 1929 Hollywood. Bruce Willis and James Garner star in this Blake Edwards film with the score by Henry Mancini. Gardner's portrail of Wyatt Earp reminds me (favorably) of Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp in Tombstone.

Friday B-Movie Archive

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About those AIG Bonus

Those $150 million in bonus are perfectly legal and are protected by our Dear Leader's bailout bill pushed through by the democrat controlled congress.
If you want to be angry at somebody, direct your ire at Senator Chris Dodd, the democrat who received the largest amount of campaign donations from AIG out of the entire congress.
Let's go the the wording in the bill:


[. . .]

`(iii) The prohibition required under clause (i) shall not be construed to prohibit any bonus payment required to be paid pursuant to a written employment contract executed on or before February 11, 2009, as such valid employment contracts are determined by the Secretary or the designee of the Secretary.

As the nice folks at Redstate point out, let's look at the bonus our Dear Leader got from AIG.
Senator Barack Obama received a $101,332 bonus from American International Group in the form of political contributions according to Opensecrets.org. The two biggest Congressional recipients of bonuses from the A.I.G. are - Senators Chris Dodd and Senator Barack Obama.

Any laws to "tax away" the AIG bonuses should also target the money AIG gave to Dodd and BHO.

Update: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are planning on handing out millions in bonuses. These Government Sponsored companies are at the root of the current finanical crisis, with their democrat driven reckless policy of pushing loans for those who clearly cannot afford them. Where is the outrage?
The two companies, which together own or back more than half of the home mortgages in the country, have been hobbled by skyrocketing loan defaults. Fannie recently requested $15 billion in federal aid, while Freddie has sought a total of almost $45 billion.
Michael Williams, Washington-based Fannie Mae's executive vice president and chief operating officer, is due to receive a $611,000 retention award this year on top of his $676,000 base salary.

Williams received a $260,000 retention bonus last year and is in line for another $429,000 next February, for an expected total of $1.3 million, according to the SEC filing.

David Hisey, the company's deputy chief financial offer, is expected to receive a $517,000 retention award this year in addition to his $385,000 salary and $160,000 cash bonus. He received a $220,000 retention award last year and is due to receive $363,000 next February, for a total of $1.1 million

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Russia plans "Large Scale Rearming"

According to the New York Times, not only does Russian plan on "bolstering" their armed and nuclear forces, Russia as started "an effort to overhaul the operations of the armed forces, which are still run largely according to Soviet-style dictates."

Welcome to the Age of Obama. As our gaffe prone VP got right, our enemies abroad see this inexperienced President, who would prefer to ignore non-domestic issues, as an opportunity to expand their power at the expense of the United States and the rest of the Free World.

UPDATE: As Russian works to upgrade their military capabilities, Team Lightbringer is cutting major US military weapons programs.

Two defense officials who were not authorized to speak publicly said Gates will announce up to a half-dozen major weapons cancellations later this month. Candidates include a new Navy destroyer, the Air Force's F-22 fighter jet, and Army ground-combat vehicles, the offi cials said.

Let's see, cutting Naval ships while the Communist Chinese Navy is getting more aggressive, cutting the F-22 while the Russians are upgrading their anti-aircraft systems to take out everything but the F-22, and the Army ground-combat vehicles that give the US Infantry a good chunk of it's advantage on the ground.

I'm starting to get a nasty feeling that Billy Jeff Clinton cared for the members of the United States military more than our Dear Leader does.

Additional Update: Our Dear Leader sends a clear message to US military veterans and it isn't pretty. According to the Washington Times, BHO plan to generate extra budget money by forcing veterans to pay for some medical treatments through their private insurance.

Let me get this straight, our Dear Leader is OK with sending $900 million of the US Tax Payer's earnings to the Islamofascists in Hamas, but covering the medical bills wounded US military veterans is something he feels can be cut from the budget?
That is just plain wacked wrong.

Ayn Rand more popular than Obama

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged outsold our Dear Leader's bio book in 2008.

A question of competence Part II

From the New York Daily News,

Not long ago, after a string of especially bad days for the Obama administration, a veteran Democratic pol approached me with a pained look on his face and asked, “Do you think they know what they’re doing?”

The question caught me off guard because the man is a well-known Obama supporter. As we talked, I quickly realized his asking suggested his own considerable doubts.

Yes, it’s early, but an eerily familiar feeling is spreading across party lines and seeping into the national conversation. It’s a nagging doubt about the competency of the White House.

Ed Morrissey comments:
Well, what did people expect? For the first time in decades and perhaps ever, America chose a President without executive experience in the public or private sectors, and without military command experience. If people expected smooth performance and cool competence from that kind of resume, then the best that can be said about them is that they indulged in self-delusion on a massive scale.

For the rest of us, this comes as no surprise at all.
Obama is in over his head, and so are his closest aides, such as Geithner, Hillary, and the entire team.

Other than his campaign for President, which was actually run by a seasoned team of long term campaign professionals, our Dear Leader has absolutely zero experience in running anything. He has never worked in the private sector, or ever held an executive position in any government. He's not even served on a School Board or run a Girl Scout troop. The closest he's come to any kind of leadership experience was as a Cub Scout in Indonesia.

So what we have is a Community Organizer of the United States (CCOTS) trying to learn how to be the Leader of the Free World by on the job training. OtJT that seems to be coming in a distant second to a busy party schedule.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Book Pick

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

In a departure from his classic Cyberpunk works, Pattern Recognition is a modern day story that involves the dark corners of the Internet and modern Guerrilla Marketing. Protagonist Cayce Pollard is an expert on spotting market trends and is hired to track down one of the latest bits of Internet culture.

Also available for the Kindle

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Obama's massive middle class tax hike

Our Dear Leader is planning “the largest middle-class tax increase in history.”
This is a plan to tax medical benefits. As part of our Dear Leader's plan to socialize the medical industry here in the United States. Step one: fleece those with medical insurance to raise money to screw them.

The hypocrisy is pretty thick:

In television advertisements last fall, Mr. Obama criticized his Republican rival for the presidency, Senator John McCain of Arizona, for proposing to tax all employer-provided health benefits. The benefits have long been tax-free, regardless of how generous they are or how much an employee earns. The advertisements did not point out that Mr. McCain, in exchange, wanted to give all families a tax credit to subsidize the purchase of coverage.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday B-Movie Pick

Shaun of the Dead

Special Friday the 13th edition of B-Movie picks brings you a comedy about zombies and English pubs.

Friday B-Movie Pick Archive

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A question of competence.

Pejman Yousefzadeh writes about what he calls "The Great Vetting Disaster" that has been the Obama administration.

2009 is the anti-2008 for Team Obama. Whereas, last year, the Obama campaign was able to demonstrate its supreme competence at running a campaign, raising money, and using technology to further Barack Obama’s political goals and personal ambitions, once Team Obama moved into the White House, it seemed that its hold on managerial competence disappeared. Thus, we have a Treasury Secretary whose tax delinquencies were not discovered by the Obama vetting system, and who is Home Alone at the Treasury Department because the White House can’t get its nominees confirmed quickly enough to provide the Treasury Secretary the personnel support he needs to deal with the greatest economic crisis since the recession of the early 1980s.

Add to the list the numerous Team BHO picks who have had to drop out over non-payment of taxes.
And in the latest personnel snafu, the selection of Charles Freeman as the Chairman of the National Intelligence Counsel has been withdrawn.

Ahhh...Freeman, a bought and paid for asset of the House of Saud who said the Communist Chinese government was too soft on the students protesting for democracy at Tiananmen Square. Personally, I think he was a perfect pick for the Obama administration.
There is more detail on this insightful selection of our Dear Leader.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

50 Days That Changed the World

Gateway Pundit has correctly identified those fifty days as the "Obama Disaster."
Here are some of the highlights.

** Obama is on track to spend more money than any person in the history of the planet.
** Obama and Pelosi's stimulus bill was the largest spending bill in the history of the planet.
** He's lost at least 3 administration nominees due to tax fraud.
** He's promoted a tax cheat to run the IRS and Treasury.
** He's insulted America's greatest ally, Great Britain.
** He's reneged on missile agreements with allies Poland and the Czech Republic.

** The Obama stock market had its worst January in 113 years.
** The stock market had its worst February since 1933.
** The Dow has dropped faster under Obama than any other new president in 90 years.
** Obama's budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, and adds more to the debt than all previous presidents -- from George Washington to George W. Bush -- combined.

There is more, much more.
Barak Obama, Worst President Ever." Yup, he's working to steal the crown from fellow democrat Jimmy Carter.

Monday, March 09, 2009

One thing Biden got right

Remember when Joe Biden said there would be countries challenging the new President, within six months of his taking office? That was one thing Joe was spot on correct about.

Latest in the parade of enemies of Freedom is Communist China. The AP reports:

The Pentagon charged Monday that five Chinese ships shadowed and maneuvered dangerously close to a U.S. Navy vessel in an apparent attempt to harass the American crew.

Defense officials in the Obama administration said the incident Sunday followed several days of "increasingly aggressive" acts by Chinese ships in the region. The incident took place in international waters in the South China Sea, about 75 miles south of Hainan Island.

Let's see, the Iranians are building nuclear bombs, the North Koreans are launching missiles, and the Russians are taking over military bases we need to supply our troops in Afghanistan.

In case you are grasping how big a problem this is, let's review our Dear Leader's recent gaffe filled visit with the Prime Minister of Great Britain. That was explained, by the President's own staff, as BHO and his team being "overwhelmed." Wait! It gets worse!
A well-connected Washington figure, who is close to members of Mr Obama’s inner circle, expressed concern that Mr Obama had failed so far to “even fake an interest in foreign policy”. …

As I said before the election, "President Obama" is Putin’s wet dream. BHO's own choice for VP, agreed with me, although he put a bit more politely.

Monday Book Pick

To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the first book in the RiverWorld series by the late Philip Jose Farmer

PJF passed away recently, so this week's pick is his Hugo award winning classic, To Your Scattered Bodies Go. The book features literally everyone who lived and died from early Man's first appearance on Earth to 1985.

The Monday Book Pick Archive.

Goals & Priorities

I wrote before that I think that our Dear Leader and his team are in over their heads in regards to the economy. They aren't sure of what to do and the market is responding to that lack of confidence.

Here is another theory, Team BO just really doesn't care about the economy. It will recover on its on over time and they have other priorities. That is what Kevin McCullough is claiming and he makes sense.

President Obama knows the history of recessions and how Americans get out of them. He knows, for example, that if he gave back to the American family in just pure cash handouts what he is instead planning on taxing them (with interest) in the days to come, that the number would loom between $25,000-$65,000 per family, for every family in America.

But pretending to be doing something about the problem is only half the strategy for Obama. He truly intends to see socialized health care, and European styled labor agreements become reality in America. He knows the consequences of doing such things, he’s seen all the projections and what the outcomes would be, but he’s doing it anyway.

This actually fits in with his Chief of Staff's often quoted mantra: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." The economic crisis is being used by the far left extremists to create an atmosphere of fear and shove through socialist policies under the guise of "helping the economy."

If our Dear Leader and the democrats where interested in helping the economy, they would focus on job creation by small businesses. Most jobs in this country are in small businesses and unlike "shovel ready" construction projects, those jobs will still be there when the taxpayer funding runs out. Instead, the policies of our Dear Leader and the democrats are designed to hurt small businesses.

Ed Morrissey has his own thoughts on Kevin McCullough's theory:
Obama is a typical liberal ideologue who thinks that America has failed in the sense of equality of result. He sees inequities and thinks that government exists to eliminate all of them. My guess is that he’s aiming much more for France than Venezuela, but neither are particularly palatable destinations for a national economy. Obama seems to see our entire 230-year history as a long crisis that his statist policies will end.

What we’re seeing is the policy playbook of the Left. We predicted this all along, while the media hailed Obama as some sort of centrist without a shred of evidence for that. He has a long history, though, of alliances with the Left, and it comes as no shock that Obama has shown his true colors in the first days of his presidency. Massive government spending, reductions in defense, and preparation for nationalization of health care, banks, and other private industries fit well as a pattern with those policy goals.

Bottom line. Obama's goal is not to fix the economy, but to fundamentally change the role of government in the United States of America.

UPDATE: BusinessWeek asks: Did Obama cause the stock slide?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A good example of leftist hate speach

Dehumanize your opponents and then rationalize violence against them. As this leftist demonstrates:

Q. How many dittoheads does it take to roof a house?
A. Depends on how thin you slice them

I'm sure you can find some historical examples of political movements considering humans as materials for construction, or lamp shades, or socks.

Yup, this is the mindset of the "compassionate liberal."

I question his priorities

Attorney General Holder must be proud.

Our democrat Dear Leader's Attorney General Eric Holder must be so very proud of the Detroit City Council. They had an open discussion on race.

Speakers advocating for the deal were taunted by the crowd and cut short by Council President Monica Conyers [the wife of House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers], who presided over the hearing like an angry bulldog; whites were advised by the citizens to, “Go home.”

Opponents were allowed to rant and ramble on uninterrupted about “those people” who want to steal Detroit’s assets and profit from the city’s labors.

A pitiful Teamster official who practically crawled to the table on his knees expressing profuse respect for this disrespectful body was battered by both the crowd and the council.

When he dared suggest that an improved Cobo Center would create more good-paying jobs for union workers, Conyers reminded him, “Those workers look like you; they don’t look like me.”

Desperate, he invoked President Barack Obama’s message of unity and was angrily warned, “Don’t you say his name here.”

This gentle readers, is how "open discussions of race" go in the Age of Obama.

Dangerously incompetent

Our Dear Leader claims that the stock market is merely a "tracking poll."

People don't invest their retirement in a "tracking poll."

Perhaps we have a "Community Organizer of the United States" who is so out of touch with the actual reality of how actual real Americans live because he has never held a real job in his life.

He was a Senator for less than one term, and spent most of that not doing his job. His record as a state legislature consists of mostly voting "present." He never had a job in the private sector. BHO never served in an executive position in government before becoming the leader of the free world. He hasn't even spent time on a school board.

A quick review of history

See democrats Maxine Waters, Gregory Meeks, Lacy Clay, Artur Davis and Barney Frank defend Freddie/Frannie and attack calls for regulations. Maxine Waters goes as far to defend the policy of giving government insured loans to people who can't pay for them. See one of our Dear Leader's financial advisers claim that houses are "risk free."

See Republicans Ed Royce, Christopher Shays, Don Manzullo call for regulation and point out that Freddie/Fannie are not covered by Sarbanes-Oxley.

There are some Republican congresscritters who should be testifying in orange prison jumpsuits along with Waters, Frank, Dowd and the other democrats who engineered the housing market meltdown for political gain. The CRA, however is at the root of the housing market meltdown and is a creation of the democrat party and was designed to buy votes using federal taxpayer money.

Anyone who tries to tell you that the current financial meltdown is purely the fault of President G.W. Bush (although he does share some of the blame), is either ignorant of the basic facts or is lying in order to promote a hyper-partisan far left agenda.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The shifting perception of Obama

Tapscott nails it in his DC Examiner column:

Now, though, the mask is off and the disconnect between rhetoric and reality is emerging as the dominant driver of the Obama narrative. The contrast is no longer between the young, personable, historic candidate Obama and a creaky, cranky old Republican White Guy, it's between what America thought it was getting in a President Obama (cool, reasonable and beyond partisanship) and what it now sees as the reality of a President Obama (government spending out of control, an uncertain hand on foreign policy, broken promises, more bureaucrats, etc. etc.).

Put another way - what we see now is neither what we were promised, nor what we expected.

That's the money quote. There is a lot of detail to back it up.

Perhaps more people should have listened to our Dear Leader's former Spiritual Adviser when he pointed out, "Barack's name ain't Jesus. Barack ain't gonna improve your child's reading score. There are things we've got to do on our own."

Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday B-Movie Pick

So Close

Two sisters used their murdered parents technology to first avenge their deaths and then become high prices assassins. You know, that old chestnut. Through various plot twists, another attractive young asian female, this time a police detective, becomes involved (and I use the term involved on multiple levels) with the sisters and ends up teaming up with one to take down the real bad guys, and yes, once again revenge is involved. The movie has beautiful cinematography and the fight sequences are a joy to watch.

Friday B-Movie Archive

Obama's Bear Market

That is what Bloomberg is calling it.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 20 percent since Inauguration Day, the fastest drop under a new president in at least 90 years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
“People thought there would be a brief Obama rally, and that hasn’t happened,”
“It’s the Obama bear market,” said Dan Veru, who helps oversee $2.8 billion at Palisade Capital Management in Fort Lee, New Jersey. “We don’t know what the rules are in so many different areas the government is touching.”
“Obama should be listening to the stock market more than talking to it,” said Kenneth Fisher, the billionaire chairman of Woodside, California-based Fisher Investments Inc., which oversees $22 billion. “He hasn’t gotten out of the gate well.”

I've seen theories put out that Team Obama is tanking the economy on purpose.

Personally, I'm not buying it for the simple reason I don't buy into most conspiracy theories, they place too great a burden of competence on the government.

Occam's Razor provides a simpler and much more likely explanation. These guys are in over their heads, they aren't sure of what to do and the market is responding to that lack of confidence. That the one thing Team BO is sure of is they want to jack up taxes, including that "Cap & Trade" scheme that is going to hit the lower economic end of the population hardest, and that probably isn't blowing up Wall Street's collective skirt either.

Michelle Malkin calls it "The Steve Urkel-ization of the economy."
It's worth a click just for the nifty Photoshop work.

Update: Michael Boskin writes in the Wall Street Journal that it is Obama's radicalism that is killing the Dow.
It's hard not to see the continued sell-off on Wall Street and the growing fear on Main Street as a product, at least in part, of the realization that our new president's policies are designed to radically re-engineer the market-based U.S. economy, not just mitigate the recession and financial crisis.

The illusion that Barack Obama will lead from the economic center has quickly come to an end. Instead of combining the best policies of past Democratic presidents -- John Kennedy on taxes, Bill Clinton on welfare reform and a balanced budget, for instance -- President Obama is returning to Jimmy Carter's higher taxes and Mr. Clinton's draconian defense drawdown.

Mr. Boskin writes there are some good points to BHO's budget, but that negatives far exceed the positives. The negatives include tax hikes during an economic downturn, and the implementation of far left extremist radical "environmental" (more accurately "watermelon") policy that starts heavy fines on fossil fuels, cutting off access to domestic oil, natural gas & shale oil deposits immediately, while funding "greener" energy technologies that will not put a watt of energy into America for at least a decade.

If you read my tech blog, you'll see I'm a big fan of domestic sources of alternate energy, but cutting off immediate sources of energy before alternate are ready is just sacrificing the American economy on the alter of an extremist radical movement that has been high jacked by socialists.

Mr. Boskin is a professor of economics at Stanford University, and goes into more detail in his article. Stop by and read it.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A literary reference

Sarah Palin was the left's Emmanuel Goldstein.

Rush Limbaugh is the left's current Emmanuel Goldstein.

In other news, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Mexico's problem

I've been looking through the CNN site and can't find hide nor hair of this story.
The Mexican government is in serious danger of collapsing from wide scale violence from the drug gangs.

This is a very serious national security issue that should be getting more attention from the media and our Dear Leader's administration.

The Mexican government is sending thousands of federal troops and police to border towns in an attempt to keep the violence from escalating even farther.

If the Mexican government collapses, US Troops may end up in Mexico to keep the drug gangs from moving even farther into Texas, Arizona and California.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Team Obama complaining about big government regulations

Members of our Dear Leader's staff are running into government rules and regulation set in place to protect the privacy of ordinary Americans, and they aren't happy about it.

Jim Treacher sums it up well:

Got that? It really is beautiful: The Obama team doesn't like being told what to do by the government! Which is of course why they want to massively expand it. Kind of like a sea captain, preparing to set sail for uncharted waters, who gets caught off guard by a bucket of mud.

Sounds like they need some more money to fix this website number thing. Will a couple million cover it? Billion? Whatever. It's all just numbers anyway. Here you go. Don't worry, we'll keep having kids. They'll pay for it, or their kids will. Or their kids...

Obamas party in the White House while Wall Street collapses

All BHO needs now is a fiddle.
First the non-stop party scene at the White House since the Obamas moved in.
At least three concerts, a Superbowl party for congressional democrat "leaders", and a actual conga line.

Then let us take a look at the performance of the DOW since the democrats porkulus bill passed:

The market's lack of confidence in BHO and the democrats plan for the economy is painfully plain to see.

Obama breaks promise on pork spending

According to the AP:

Despite campaign promises to take a machete to lawmakers' pet projects, President Barack Obama is quietly caving to funding nearly 8,000 of them this year, drawing a stern rebuke Monday from his Republican challenger in last fall's election.

Arizona Sen. John McCain said it is "insulting to the American people" for Obama's budget director to indicate over the weekend that the president will sign a $410 billion spending bill with what Republicans critics say is nearly $5.5 billion in pet projects known as earmarks.

How many rational people actually expected BHO to keep his campaign promises. As he so clearly said, "We won." So expect a far left extremist agenda shoved down your throat regardless of what you want.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Cause and effect, the order is important.

One of my business school textbooks asks, "why diversification initiatives, in general, have not yielded the anticipated benefits?"

Here is the short form answer:
Diversity doesn't produce excellence. Excellence produces diversity.

When you select the "best" people based on merit, odds are that you will get a cross section of the melting pot that is America, including legal immigrants who came here for a better life for them and their families.

Selecting from a random cross section of the melting pot that is America and the odds are you won't get the best people, merely a diverse crowd.

Yet another Obama Cabinet pick who doesn't pay taxes!

This time it's former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, our Dear Leader's choice for U.S. Trade Representative.

It's clear why democrats don't worry about raising taxes, since they don't plan on paying them anyway!

Monday Book Pick

The classic Atlas Shrugged by the visionary Ayn Rand.

This classic has seen its sales triple in the past two months. Probably because its messages rings true in the current political climate.

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