Urbin Report

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why is this race so close?

The national polls are swinging back and forth and both traditional Republican and democrat states are in play.

Let's review a few facts.

We are finishing up the second term of an unpopular Republican president.
Barack Obama, by breaking his written word on taking public financing and accepting obvious credit card fraud, has managed to massively overspend his Republican opponent, John McCain.
The vast majority of the MSM is clearly and deeply in the tank for Barak Obama.
Polls have historically favored the democrat by at least 5 to 10%.

Given all that, why isn't Barack Obama leading in the polls by at least 20%?

Could it be that he really is an unexperienced empty suit straight out of the massively corrupt Chicago democrat political machine?
Could it be that people are noticing his economic policies are the same that deepened and lengthened the Great Depression?
People are starting to notice that the Truth just isn't in Barak Obama?
Could it be that people are starting to question Barack Obama's judgement in his selection of associates?