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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Someone at the LA Times may loose their job

I'm serious here. LA Times staff writers Stephen Braun and Tom Hamburger have written an article that doesn't portray Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the worst possible light.

Underestimate Palin at your own risk, former rivals say

"The political landscape here is littered with people who have underestimated Sarah Palin," said Eric Croft, a former state representative who ran for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2006 and appeared with Palin during several early forums.

Palin's split-personality debate persona -- mirrored in her confident speech to the Republican convention in Minneapolis in early September and in a series of wobbly performances in recent television interviews -- poses a challenge for her Democratic opponent, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, as Thursday's nationally telecast vice presidential debate in St. Louis approaches.

Biden could face trouble, Alaskan political observers said, if he takes Palin too lightly. But he also has to take care not to be overly aggressive against a candidate who radiates telegenic appeal.
Palin increasingly managed to zero in on the policy issues set before her during debate preparations, and her comfort level rose dramatically. During two final debates broadcast by Alaska public television and an Anchorage news station, Palin appeared to ace her performances, deftly crystallizing her talking points for voters.

"If you can sit her down, she has a talent for listening to a policy presentation that is so boring it would bring tears to your eyes," the aide said. "Then -- boom -- she will nail it down to its essence."

The VP debate is a make or break time for Gov. Sarah Palin. She has done a good job of energizing the conservative base, but the very liberal MSM has been attacking her with extreme viciousness.

Her performance on the debate is either going keep the McCain/Palin ticket in the race or set American on the path to hardcore Socialism for the next four years.

It's all about the politically center voters. Those are the ones who are going to elect the next President of the United States of America. Sarah Palin has the potential to appeal to them more than the very liberal Joe Biden (he's been in the Senate for 36 years, check his record) or Barak Obama.

Given that the liberal MSM has been slamming Palin nonstop, there may be a low expectation set for her. If she comes out with good solid answers, looks confident, and doesn't pull a Biden and gaffe badly, she could breath new life into her image.

She may get a boost from Biden as well. Joe Biden is known for his amazing ability to gaffe. If he stumbles badly on this debate, in front of the American public, the MSM may not be able to cover for him like they usually do.