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Monday, October 06, 2008

SNL Explains the bailout

Color me not surprised. NBC pulls the one video clip that nails democrats more than Republicans.

The clip from last Saturday's SNL, were Barney Frank admits the current crisis is the fault of the Congressional democrats, and it gets pulled.

The skit nailing Gov. Palin, oh that's still up. You betcha!

UPDATE: Hot Air notices it gone as well and Michelle Malkin floats a very credible theory.

You can see the clip at Pat Dollad's blog and read the transcript at Michelle Malkin's blog.

My favorite part, the couple who sold crap mortgages to Wachovia Bank. SNL didn't make that part up. Actually used their real names! (Herbert and Marion Sandler, btw)

It is also reported that NBC.com is deleting questions about the skit from message boards.
Big Brother is attempting to adjust reality to his liking it seems.

Additional Update: Advertising Age is now covering the disappearing Skit. NewsBusters is on the story as well.

Rumor is that NBC will restore the skit after "editing." Seismic Activity has been reported in Chilmark, Massachusetts near John Belushi's grave. Experts say it could be caused by a rapidly spinning object.