Urbin Report

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Follow the Money!

Let's follow some taxpayer money and see where it goes!
No one should be surprised that democrat Barak Obama funneled tax payer money to members of his family.

As a state senator, Democrat Barack Obama awarded $75,000 in government grants to a Chicago social service organization led by a rabbi who is also his wife’s cousin, records show.

In 1999, Obama arranged for $50,000 for adult literacy and counseling services offered on Chicago’s South Side by a group called Blue Gargoyle. A $25,000 grant for the group’s youth services followed the next year.

The group’s executive director when the grants were awarded was Capers Funnye, a South Side rabbi and Michelle Obama’s first cousin once removed.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air points out that this is a pattern of corrupt behavior for Barak H. Obama.
He sent money to friends and family (Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright were two more recipients of his largesse) as an Illinois state senator, and as a US Senator, he sent money to his wife’s employer. Obama requested more than a million dollars a day in earmarks in his first three years in the Senate. He’s not part of the solution to Washington’s corruption — he’s part of the problem.