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Friday, October 31, 2008

Massachusetts Ballot Question 1

A yes vote will repeal the income tax here in the Peoples Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I recommend not just voting yes, but HELL YES!

Our state government is corrupt and has been proven time and time again that they can't be trusted with the citizen's money.

Question 1 won't stop them from raising other taxes. Already done that to the tune of some $200 million already this year.

Of course, our tax payer paid for Cadillac driving democrat governor will paint a story of doom and gloom and how orphans and the elderly will be the hardest hit. How does he know that, because that is what he is going to do instead of giving up his ride and cutting back on the wide spread waste and corruption in our state government.

How about getting read of the Mass Turnpike Authority with its six figure income board and handing control of the Pike over to the state highway department?
Here is another one, the state Liquor License Board, who get paid $85K ($100K for the chairman) for a part time job that could be handled by half of the six person staff who works for the board members.

Sadly the poster person for our state government is democrat state senator Diane Wilkerson, who is running for reelection, despite being arrested for accepting $23,500 in an FBI undercover operation. Given that Wilkerson has been reelected six times already, even after convictions for non-payment of taxes, I'd give her pretty good odds of winning.
Remember that Sen. Wilkerson had the support of our own democrat Gov. Deval Patrick. Gov. Patrick also is a strong supporter of Barak Obama. I do have some questions about his judgement in such matters.

Bottom line, the government in Massachusetts has shown itself unfit to be trusted with the money of citizens of the Commonwealth. It is time to deny them access to some of those funds.

Friday's Movie Picks

In honor of Halloween, here are today's movie picks.

Young Frankenstein, a comedic tip of the hat to the classics.

Innocent Blood, vampires, mobsters, cops, comedy and casual nudity from Anne Parillaud. There is a lot to like in this film.

Near Dark, a darker look at the modern vampire. Great cast of bloodsuckers roaming the American southwest.

An American Werewolf in London, a lighthearted look of what can go wrong when you don't stay on the road and don't "ware the moon." Just remember Jack, he didn't mean to call you meatloaf.

The Friday B-Movie List

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama fails math

Even the "in the tank" AP is pointing out the obvious, Obama's numbers don't add up.

Obama's assertion that "I've offered spending cuts above and beyond" the expense of his promises is accepted only by his partisans. His vow to save money by "eliminating programs that don't work" masks his failure throughout the campaign to specify what those programs are—beyond the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
THE FACTS: His plan does not lower premiums by $2,500, or any set amount. Obama hopes that by spending $50 billion over five years on electronic medical records and by improving access to proven disease management programs, among other steps, consumers will end up saving money. He uses an optimistic analysis to suggest cost reductions in national health care spending could amount to the equivalent of $2,500 for a family of four. Many economists are skeptical those savings can be achieved, but even if they are, it's not a certainty that every dollar would be passed on to consumers in the form of lower premiums.
THE FACTS: His proposals—the tax cuts, the low-cost loans, the $15 billion a year he promises for alternative energy, and more—cost money, and the country could be facing a record $1 trillion deficit next year. Indeed, Obama recently acknowledged—although not in his commercial—that: "The next president will have to scale back his agenda and some of his proposals."

HT to Cold Fury

More democrat vote fraud in Ohio

Here is another case of a democrat illegally registering to vote in Ohio.

Amy Little, 49, has been a registered Democrat in New York since 1991, and Ulster County election officials said she voted in the party primary here in February.

But in October, Little registered to vote in Ohio.

Her boss, democrat Congressman John Hall fired her. She had the bad luck to get caught and actually have her crime published in the local media.

HT to Mr. Reynolds.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

democrats attack GOP office in Virginia

WXII reports that "Two people were arrested and charged Monday afternoon with assaulting several GOP campaign workers at the campaign headquarters in Galax, Va."

One of the democrats "sprayed Mace on five of the [GOP campaign] workers" while the other physically assaulted another campaign worker.

Both democrats were arrested by the local police and charged with assault.

Hold on to your wallets

The "official" Obama line was that he was going to "cut taxes" for 95% of working Americans. Even the 40% who don't pay any federal income tax! His Trillion dollars plus of new spending was going to come from taxing only those who made over $250,000 a year.

Hmmm...I don't think the math on that ones adds up.

It seems that someone in the Obama campaign has figured out how to use a calculator, since as TigerHawk points out, the income level of those who are going to pay for the Obama plans of a Socialist America keeps dropping. Joe Biden is now saying it's $150,000. When the Trillion plus dollars starts getting spent, it's going to drop to everyone who earns a legal paycheck.

Even the Hollywood left thinks MSNBC is "completely out of control"

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, who produced many campaign videos for the Clintons as well as several hit TV shows says that she'd "prefer a lunch date with right-leaning Fox News star Sean Hannity over left-leaning MSNBC star Keith Olbermann?".

You have to be pretty far off the deep end of rational for a group of Hollywood liberals to accuse a "news" organization of liberal media bias.

Ms. Bloodworth-Thomason went on to say that "Democrats have been worse than Republicans as far as personal attacks on candidates are concerned."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Massachusetts democrat arrested by the FBI

Color me not surprised. In fact, the real question is what took them so long?
Multiple term democrat Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson was charged with attempted extortion as a public official and theft of honest services as a state senator. She faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines on each count.

This is not Senator Wilkerson's first brush with corruption.
The number of times this fine example of the Massachusetts democrat party has been reelected: six.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's B-Movie Pick

The Mummy.

Yup, the 1999 version with Brendan Fraser & Rachel Weisz.

Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Way Cool Special Effects.
Yup, it has them all. A good pick for the Halloween flick line up.

The Friday B-Movie List.

Friday's Book Pick

By popular demand, John Ringo's The Last Centurion.

Here is the review I posted on Amazon:

As John Ringo promised, there is something in here to "annoy" just about everyone. Ok, he didn't use the word "annoy", but I'm trying to keep this review "family friendly."

It's a "worst case scenario" story. The whole world has gone to Hell in a Handbasket and someone has to clean up the mess. This someone is Bandit Six. An infantry officer stuck in a bad mess and trying to make the best of it.

How bad are things? Well, Bird Flu makes the species jump and is deadly. A large chuck of the human population is killed off, especially in areas with little or no health care, and areas with heath care systems that are regulated by the state don't do as well as areas with well funded free market systems (ok, axe one is being ground here).

John Ringo's politics are clearly right leaning Libertarian, but he doesn't mind rubbing those groups noses in their faults either.

Oh ya, the world gets cold, fast. The global cooling we were promised back in the 1970s hits fast and hard. Those expecting global warming were caught completely off guard.

So, in many places, the infrastructure of civilization is falling apart because the people who operate it are either dying or trying to stay alive, what were the "breadbaskets" of the world are suffering from long winters and short cool summers, and Bandit Six is stuck in Iran guarding Billions of dollars of military equipment when the US pulled its troops back to the US to deal with the Bird Flu problems. Iran? Oh, by 2018, Iraq isn't a problem, but Iran is.

Ok, so the plot is laid, and not the fun can begin. Just remember that "adventure" is someone else in deep trouble, very far away from you.

Oh ya, Bandit Six grew up on a farm and has strong opinions on organic farming.

Yup, something to annoy everyone in the family.

I heartily recommend it.

The Monday Book Pick List.

The democrats attack on the military has started

I called this a couple of weeks ago. It is a simple matter of ugly, leftist anti-Civil Rights history repeating itself.

The chief election official in Fairfax county, a Democrat, tossed the military absentee ballots because the absentee ballots didn’t list an address for the witness. Information for which there isn’t even a blank on the form.

HT to Rob at Say Anything.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silly Republicans

The big buzz on the left has been how much the McCain/Palin campaign has been spending on Gov. Palin's wardrobe. If that is what gets their shorts in a knot, instead of say the complete and utter inexperience of Barak Obama, or the $800,000 the Obama campaign gave to ACORN, no wonder they have issues...

Besides, the real scandal here is that the Republicans are actually paying cash money for Gov. Palin's clothes. Big name democrats, like Hillary Clinton, don't pay for their $6,000+ pantsuits. They expect designers to give the expensive clothes to them for free.

The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this year that Senator Clinton’s custom made pantsuits from Forest were worth about $6,350 a piece retail. Clinton’s spokespeople did not respond to requests for comment.

"Tolerant" democrats attack, again

The home of a Central Florida Republican headquarters manager was shot up and damaged over his support of Sen. John McCain, the man told police.

Let Joe Speak!

It seems that that the Obama campaign has put a muzzle on Joe Biden. His access to the press has been cut off, probably to keep him from giving the McCain/Palin campaign material to work with.
Even CBS News misses the dependable Biden gaffe machine.

Biden hasn’t held a press conference in more than a month, and Obama hasn’t taken questions from his full traveling press corps since the end of September.

Come on guys! Lighten up! Talk to the press. Obama can reassert his socialist goals to the average American and Joe can tell us again that FDR President in 1929, and how there were TVs in the average American home in 1929 as well.

Perhaps Joe can tell us again how Barack Obama would put the United States in danger if he was elected President, or how Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be Vice-President that he is.

Could Barack Obama walk a mile in Sarah Palin's shoes?

Forget the fact that those shoes are heels, I don't think "The One" could put with the crap the MSM/DNC slings at Gov. Sarah Palin every day. Michael Graham doesn't think so either.

But imagine the Democratic nominee’s day as Barack Palin Obama:

He wake up and reaches for a secret cigarette and a copy of The New York Times. Instead of the usual partisan puff pieces (“Obama Health Care Plan Pledges Miraculous Healings For All”), the Times is running exposes about his family.

Does his spouse have extremist political views? Who pays when his kids travel to Washington? And how do we know one of them isn’t really his grandkid?

Opening the editorial page Palin-Obama finds column after column filled with personal attacks and insults. Comments about his looks, how much his clothes cost, his speaking style - even suggestions that the radical teachings of his church might be a legitimate topic for discussion.
That afternoon, Palin-Obama sits down with a CNN reporter who spends the first half of the interview asking variations of the question, “How can a half-term senator with zero executive experience and no record of achievement be president? Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself for even running?”

“Let’s talk energy independence,” Palin-Obama asks hopefully. The reporter instead demands to know why Obama won’t release his medical records, his original birth certificate or the names of about half his contributors.

“You’re the most secretive candidate since Nixon,” the reporter insists. “And besides, the guy who plays you on ‘Saturday Night Live’ is way hotter.”

Let's be honest, Obama, his background or his policies couldn't handle the level of "attention" the MSM/DNC is giving Gov. Sarah Palin

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Has anyone over at MSNBC actually read the US Constitution?

I just heard some talking head on MSNBC repeat Biden's false claim that the role of the VP in the Senate is only to break tie votes.
Let's review Article I (which lays out the powers and role of the Legislative branch), section 3.

The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided.

The Senate shall choose their other officers, and also a President pro tempore, in the absence of the Vice President, or when he shall exercise the office of President of the United States.

The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.

It's pretty clear that the VP is to preside over the Senate, and the President pro tempore only gets the gavel when the VP is busy doing something else. Note that it clearly spells out the only time the VP is not to act as the President of Senate, i.e. presiding over it, is when the VP is acting as the of President of the United States or when the President of the United States is being tried for impeachment in the Senate.

Historically, the Vice-President's office was in Senate offices. The move to the White House has made mid-20th century. That VPs have pretty much ignored this role for the past 50 or so years doesn't change it.

One would think a thirty plus year veteran of the Senate would be up on this stuff, but clearly Joe Biden, and his lapdogs at MSNBC are not.

Deliciously snarky comment on this subject over at Hot Air.

Update: Ken Shepard at NewsBusters delivers some the history the left is clueless about.

More violence from the left

The Republican Party's office in Rutherford County, Tennessee was attacked. A large brick with a symbol for anarchy written on it was thrown through a window, taking out the entire glass front.

Yup, just another "tolerant, open minded liberal" exercising their First Amendment rights.

What is Chris Dodd hiding?

Chris Dodd, democrat Senator from Connecticut, is stonewalling on producing documents that he didn't get a sweetheart deal on his mortgage from Countrywide Financial Corporation. It's so obvious that even the New York Times is calling him on it.

Moe Lane at Red State gets to the heart of the matter:

Dodd's delaying his disclosure because his party's rather desperate to not talk about how they're primarily responsible for the financial crisis that we're in right now. So there's no credible way to believe that the New York Times doesn't realize that Dodd's trying to hold out until after the election.

Subprime Disaster's High-Value Targets: The Deck

The Voice my Head is producing a new deck of cards based on the Iraq War classic.
This time, it's the folks who brought you the subprime disaster.
So far he has


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday's Book Pick.

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.

Wow! Don't try this one in one sitting. Neal Stephenson skips from the math describing WWII cryptography to action, and then to late 20th Century cutthroat business dealings. Cryptonomicon is great reading, but at just short of a thousand pages, a lot of reading.

This is a typical bit of prose from the book, It takes place right after the author spends several pages describing the basic math behind the Enigma code machine.

The only other thing he notices about them,before he gives up and slinks back into the cargo hold, is that they are fucking armed to the teeth. Like they were expecting to have to kill twenty or thirty people on their way from the airplane to the latrine and back. Bobby Shaftoe has met a few of these paranoid types during his tour, and he doesn't like them very much. That whole mindset reminds him too much of Guadalcanal.

He finds a place on the floor next to the body of PFC Gerald Hottand stretches out. The teeny revolver in his waistband makes it impossible for him to lie on his back, so he takes it out and pockets it. This only transfers the center of discomfort to the Marine Raider stiletto holstered invisibly between his shoulder blades. He realizes that he is going to have to curl up on his side,which doesn't work because on one side he has a standard-issue Colt semiautomatic,which he doesn't trust, and on the other, his own six-shooter from home,which he does. So he has to find places to stash those, along with the various ammo clips, speedloaders, and maintenance supplies that go with them. The V-44 "Gung Ho" jungle-clearing, coconut-splitting, and Nip-decapitating knife,strapped to the outside of his lower leg,also has to be removed, as does the derringer that he keeps on the other leg for balance. The only thing that stays with him are the grenades in his front pockets, since he doesn't plan to lie down on his stomach.

If you like this book, here are some more to take a look at.

The Monday Book Pick List.

Color me not surprised.

Politico notices that polls tend to favor democrats at the cost of accurate polls.

Really? Here's a news flash guys. This isn't new news.

AoSHQ notes:

It's not like Conservatives and PUMA's have been making this claim since Super Tuesday. Oh wait. Yeah, we have.
Politico has finally figured out that in polling, there is this thing called "selection bias". There is also the related variable called "get the hell out of my face and leave me alone you nosy bastards." And exit pollsters, God love 'em, just don't seem to be able to figure out how to quantify this.

An interesting observation by CBS News

CBS News notes:

Palin becomes increasingly accessible to the national media … . By contrast, Biden hasn’t held a press conference in more than a month, and Obama hasn’t taken questions from his full traveling press corps since the end of September.

What are the democrats hiding?

Monday, October 20, 2008

The silence of the media

The MSM/DNC has made sure you know more about some plumber in Ohio than you ever wanted to know.

Barak Obama's violations of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act are a different story though.

The Left's "reality"

It's pretty clear that the left doesn't share the same reality that rational adults do. Evan Coyne Maloney at Brain Terminal points out an example of this "alternate reality".

The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded.

The Scranton Times-Tribune first reported the alleged incident on its Web site Tuesday and then again in its print edition Wednesday. The first story, written by reporter David Singleton, appeared with allegations that while congressional candidate Chris Hackett was addressing the crowd and mentioned Obama’s name a man in the audience shouted “kill him.”

News organizations including ABC, The Associated Press, The Washington Monthly and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann reported the claim, with most attributing the allegations to the Times-Tribune story.

Agent Bill Slavoski said he was in the audience, along with an undisclosed number of additional secret service agents and other law enforcement officers and not one heard the comment.
He said the agency conducted an investigation Wednesday, after seeing the story, and could not find one person to corroborate the allegation other than Singleton.

Slavoski said more than 20 non-security agents were interviewed Wednesday, from news media to ordinary citizens in attendance at the rally for the Republican vice presidential candidate held at the Riverfront Sports Complex. He said Singleton was the only one to say he heard someone yell “kill him.”

Hmmmm...Which is the more reliable source here? An investigation by the Secret Service or a member of the MSM/DNC?

Personally, I'll go with the Secret Service.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A look back at polls

Ann Coulter looks at polls in past presidential races.

In 1976, Jimmy Carter narrowly beat Gerald Ford 50.1 percent to 48 percent. And yet, on Sept. 1, Carter led Ford by 15 points. Just weeks before the election, on Oct. 16, 1976, Carter led Ford in the Gallup Poll by 6 percentage points -- down from his 33-point Gallup Poll lead in August.
In 1980, Ronald Reagan beat Carter by nearly 10 points, 51 percent to 41 percent. In a Gallup Poll released days before the election on Oct. 27, it was Carter who led Reagan 45 percent to 42 percent.

In 1984, Reagan walloped Walter Mondale 58.8 percent to 40 percent, -- the largest electoral landslide in U.S. history. But on Oct. 15, The New York Daily News published a poll showing Mondale with only a 4-point deficit to Reagan, 45 percent to 41 percent. A Harris Poll about the same time showed Reagan with only a 9-point lead. The Oct. 19 New York Times/CBS News Poll had Mr. Reagan ahead of Mondale by 13 points. All these polls underestimated Reagan's actual margin of victory by 6 to 15 points.

In 1988, George H.W. Bush beat Michael Dukakis by a whopping 53.4 percent to 45.6 percent. A New York Times/CBS News Poll on Oct. 5 had Bush leading the Greek homunculus by a statistically insignificant 2 points -- 45 percent to 43 percent.
In 1992, Bill Clinton beat the first President Bush 43 percent to 37.7 percent. (Ross Perot got 18.9 percent of Bush's voters that year.) On Oct. 18, a Newsweek Poll had Clinton winning 46 percent to 31 percent, and a CBS News Poll showed Clinton winning 47 percent to 35 percent.

So in 1992, the polls had Clinton 12 to 15 points ahead, but he won by only 5.3 points.

In 1996, Bill Clinton beat Bob Dole 49 percent to 40 percent. And yet on Oct. 22, 1996, The New York Times/CBS News Poll showed Clinton leading by a massive 22 points, 55 percent to 33 percent.

Keep this in mind as the election grows near.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's B-Movie Pick

Cowboys and Aliens in 3031. That's the setting of Oblivion, winner of the 1994 Best Fantasy/Horror film at the Houston International Film Festival.

A deliciously tongue in cheek spoof of both the SciFi & Western genres.

For extra bonus fun, delightful roles with Julie Newmar, George Takei and Issac Hayes.

The Friday B-Movie List.

More leftist violence

A McCain volunteer in midtown Manhattan was attacked by an angry democrat for exercising their First Amendment Rights.

Meanwhile in Iraq...

Another sure sign of the massive success the Surge Senator John McCain supported (and Barak Hussein Obama voted against) is the fact that the US Marines are pulling out of the Anbar province (including the city of Fallujah) because the violence levels are so low.

A list of Barak Obama's accomplishments

A classic from the primary season. The folks at HillBuzz want everyone to keep this in mind.

Meanwhile, inside the Obama campaign

Two interesting bits of data.

First, Martin Nesbitt, the treasurer of Obama’s campaign, has tax liens. So do his companies. A likely glimpse into a Obama administration future?

Second, internally, the Obama campaign is very nervous about Gov. Sarah Palin and sees their lead slipping away.

ACORN & Vote Fraud in New Mexico.

ACORNs persistent and widespread involvement in anti-Civil Rights vote fraud makes one wonder exactly what kind of "get out the vote" training they had back in Chicago.

Now they are linked to illegal vote fraud in New Mexico. Close to 100 fraudulent voter registration forms were found, including ones filled out with the line up of the 80's pop band, Duran-Duran.

Evidence has been presented that shows at least 28 of those registrants had cast ballots in the state primary.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

FBI now investigating ACORN

About time. The AP reports:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The FBI is investigating whether the community activist group ACORN helped foster voter registration fraud around the nation before the presidential election.
A senior law enforcement official confirmed the investigation to The Associated Press on Thursday. A second senior law enforcement official says the FBI was looking at results of recent raids on ACORN offices in several states for any evidence of a coordinated national scam.
Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because regulatons forbid discussing ongoing investigations particularly so close to an election.
ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, says it has registered 1.3 million young people, minorities and poor and working-class voters—most of whom tend to be Democrats.

HT to Election Journal.

Update: ACORN is being sued in Pennsylvania over vote fraud.

Obama embraces the Big Lie

Senator McCain quoted verifiable facts and Barak H. Obama denied them, bold faced lying to the American people.

Ed Morrissey has details:

MCCAIN: Well, again, while you were on the board of the Woods Foundation, you and Mr. Ayers, together, you sent $230,000 to ACORN. So — and you launched your political campaign in Mr. Ayers’ living room.

OBAMA: That’s absolutely not true.

MCCAIN: And the facts are facts and records are records.

OBAMA: And that’s not the facts.

Unfortunately for Obama, those are the facts, both about Ayers and ACORN. Obama paid ACORN over $800,000 this summer for GOTV efforts, which Obama now denies, although he did finally admit that he represented ACORN as an attorney in a lending-practices case. Obama did launch his career at a party hosted by Ayers, which is such a matter of public record that I’m frankly surprised he bothered to deny it.

That is verifiable lie number one by Obama.

#2 was on the abortion issue.

Why is Barak Obama trying to hide his past? What is he afraid of the American people finding?

Update: Cold Fury has the facts on Obama's abortion votes that he lied to the American people about.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Record cold recorded

First, in California, where it is threating wine grower's grape crop.

A record cold snap in Mendocino County over the weekend caused little damage to wine grapes but chilled the hearts of farmers who already have suffered huge losses this year.


Temperatures dropped to 31 degrees in the Ukiah Valley on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, the coldest Oct. 12 morning since record keeping began in Ukiah in 1893, said Troy Nicolini, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Eureka. The previous record was 34 degrees in 1916.


Farmers in Redwood Valley and other cooler regions in Mendocino County reported temperatures as low as 27 degrees.

An estimated 30 percent to 50 percent of that county's wine grape crop had yet to be harvested when the frost hit, killing the tops of unprotected vines and effectively freezing the ripening process.

Next is Alaska, where glaciers grew record amounts this year.
"In mid-June, I was surprised to see snow still at sea level in Prince William Sound," said U.S. Geological Survey glaciologist Bruce Molnia. "On the Juneau Icefield, there was still 20 feet of new snow on the surface of the Taku Glacier in late July. At Bering Glacier, a landslide I am studying, located at about 1,500 feet elevation, did not become snow free until early August.


Never before in the history of a research project dating back to 1946 had the Juneau Icefield witnessed the kind of snow buildup that came this year. It was similar on a lot of other glaciers too.

Jesse Jackson gives us an insight into Barak Obama's foreign policy

Jesse Jackson lays it out in the New York Post.

The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where “decades of putting Israel’s interests first” would end.

Jackson believes that, although "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" remain strong, they’ll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.

The "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades"...

Gee Jesse, nothing like a little flat out racism.
It looks like he hasn't changed much since he referred to NYC as "Hymietown" back in 1984.

HT to the Grizzly Groundswell blog.

RICO charges filed against ACORN

By way of Election Journal, comes this Civil Rights news.
The Buckeye Institute has filed RICO action against the corrupt leftist anti-Civil Rights organization ACORN.

Update: ACORN voter fraud allegation surfaces in Minnesota

Monday, October 13, 2008

The uttercluelessness of Obama supporters

Howard Stern does some actual investigative reporting and finds Obama supporters completely and utterly without a clue.

Seriously, these idiots are even saying they support Sarah Palin as Vice-President if Barak Obama is elected, and that Obama made "the right choice" by selecting her as his running mate!

The democrat party has really sunk deeply since the days of JFK. How sad.

Ok, to be fair, even Barak Obama's actual running mate is confused about the ticket.

Palin's popularity

If you listen to the the MSM/DNC, Gov. Sarah Palin is universally hated.

Reality tells a different story. 20,000 people came to see Gov. Sarah Palin at a Republican just outside Richmond, VA today.

Today's book selection.

A Night in the Lonesome October by the late Roger Zelazny and illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Out of print, but a fun read to distract you a bit from the political season.

The story is told by Snuff, the watchdog of Jack. They are a part of a group of people, and their familiars, who gather when a full moon occurs on October 31. They are from two opposing sides, Openers and Closers, who will battle it out under the full moon.

The location, London. The time, the Victorian era. In addition to Jack and his hound, there is Mad Jill (a witch) and her black cat, the Doctor and his Monster, the Count and his bat, a mad Russian Monk and his snake, and a few more just to keep things interesting.

Watching over the whole thing is the Great Detective and his stout companion.

A fun read that help get you in the mood for Halloween.

The Monday Book Pick List.

More irrational hate from the left

It's getting nasty out there.

Michelle Malkin has a long list of such hate speech from the far left.

UPDATE: A pair of Obama supporters are following the Ayers model. They tossed a Molotov cocktail at a McCain/Palin sign in that "tolerant, liberal" blue state Oregon.

They were caught and arrested. Hopefully they will do time for this hate crime.

Update: Windows smashed in an attempt to take out the McCain/Pain signs behind the windows.

The PUMA map

The PUMAs over at HillBuzz are making some interesting claims.

The polls, in our opinon, are wrong, and the internal numbers we see coming out of NC, VA, PA, OH, IN and FL show McCain wins in all of those states (there is no mathematical possibility for Obama to win without taking PA, OH, or FL).

So, I surfed over to Real Clear Politics' Electoral College map and made some adjustments based on the PUMA's "internal numbers." Right now, they have Obama 277, McCain 158 (counting only "solid" states, it's 211/143).
Here is what that map looks like if the PUMAs are on to something.

That is one heck of a game changer, and puts things a Hell of a lot closer.
Polls have been all over the place this year, so place all the credit on this "what if" exercise you want.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

democrats taking the low road again

The Herald reports that a GOP office in South Carolina has been attacked by leftist vandals in a clear example of Hate Crime.

Sadly, this not new behavior for so called "liberal" democrats.

Compare and Contrast Part 2

While Senator John McCain was calling for regulation on Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae, Barak Obama was cashing checks from Freddie & Fannie.

Which one do you trust to fix a problem when Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae at the root the problem?

Keep in mind that the Obama Campaign has had a long association with the corrupt heads of Freddie and Fannie.

Compare and contrast

Gov. Palin acting legally to remove a governmental employee and President Bill Clinton bringing charges against the the head of the White House travel agency (which were thrown out by the judge within minutes of coming to court) to make room for some cronies from Arkansas?

Why one getting so much more MSM press than the other ever did?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Revenge of the PUMAs!

It's seems that Hillary Clinton supporters are working with the FBI in a RICO case against the extremely pro-Obama ACORN.

Brings new meaning to "Payback is a bitch."

The HRC supporters are still pissed as Hell over the Obama campaign's tactics in the caucus states during the primary. (As documented in We Will Not Be Silenced.)

Accord to HillBuzz:

What’s happening here is something we have never seen before: centrist Clinton Democrats and Republicans are working together to expose the DNC and Obama campaign’s illegal activities and orchestrated, coordinated fraud. Both parties are working with federal agents to investigate ACORN, which has been funded with upwards of $800,000 in questionable donations from the Obama campaign (in what appears to be the expressed and explicit direction to engineer voter fraud in the general election). The tactics being employed now in the 15 states currently under investigation are the VERY SAME TACTICS we saw on the ground in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, and other states working for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

And all of this ties back to Chicago.

Where the Obama campaign and DNC are now based.

Where people we know tip us off to little things to pay attention to that, when pieced together with all the other little pieces that are revealing themselves, leads to a single conclusion: there will be indictments for all of this.

It looks like Obama's chickens

...wait for it...

are coming home to roost!

HT to Ace.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Even the NY Times is starting to notice

...what has been obvious for a while. The NY Times finally runs a story on the shady, and possibly illegal campaign donations that have been floating the Obama campaign.

A Chilling look.

Slublog at AoSHQ brings a chilling look at what an Obama administration could bring us.

Here are some of the frightening possibilities:

Congress, with the urging and support of the administration, would spend time 'investigating' the 'crimes' of the Bush administration and the Republicans in Congress. These hearings would have little purpose other than to tarnish the Republican party and avoid a repeat of the 1994 elections.
The second Constitutional change discussed would be the abolishing of the Electoral College. The left simply hates the fact that rural voters have the ability to temper the overwhelming Democrat vote in urban areas of the country, and that the so-called 'flyover' states have considerable power in national elections. Abolishing the Electoral College would give predominantly liberal urban areas overwhelming power to choose future presidents.

Economically, taxes would be raised and government spending would increase. Unions would grow stronger and free trade would be viewed with suspicion. Such policies would ensure a repeat of the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century.

Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile in Texas

The dead are voting. No surprise, ACORN has been active in the area.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Serious problems in Indiana

Indiana is one of the hotly contested toss up states in this election cycle.
I'm expecting lawsuits to be filed before all the votes are counted on November 4.
One reason being that there are currently more people registered to vote in that state than there are eligible voters!

ACORN hasn't been officially caught with their fingers in this massive violation of Civil Rights, but given their past behavior, it wouldn't surprise me.

Update: The New York Post lists fifteen (15) states where ACORN is committing Civil Rights crimes through widespread vote fraud.

Let every vote count, is the Democratic Party's mantra these days. That slo gan might better be: Let every vote count as often as we need to win.

Such, at any rate, are the tactics of ACORN, Barack Obama's favorite "community organizers," and its Project Vote - of which, the Democratic presidential candidate has boasted, "I started working as the director... here in Chicago."

ACORN has been implicated in voter-fraud schemes in 15 states - including Ohio, from where The Post's Jeane MacIntosh reports today that a Board of Elections investigation has unearthed evidence of widespread voter fraud.

HT to RedState

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A typical day at ACORN

Election Journal gives insight into how ACORN operates.

Keep in mind that these are the Civil Rights crimes ACORN has been caught committing just this morning!

ACORN registers 7 year old and incarcerated felon.


ACORN registers Cleveland Man 22 times in six months.

ACORN has a long history of this kind of anti-Civil Rights crimes.
Keep in mind that Barak Obama has a long history of close association with ACORN.

democrat email hacker indicted

David Kernell, son of democrat Tennessee State Senator Mike Kernell, was indicted for hacking into the e-mail account of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

If convicted of the felony charge, Kernell faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Bill Ayers expains it all...

Far left liberal democrat terrorist Bill Ayers as channeled by Jim Treacher.

democrats avoiding questions about Freddie & Fannie

Not surprising since the failure of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae is pretty much 99.99% their fault.

Ed Morrissey picks a good analogy for their "search for the guilty."

Democrats have begun a search for the culprit in the financial collapse in a manner somewhat akin to the OJ Simpson search for Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s murderer.

More details from The Hill.
Democrats aimed their harshest attacks at deregulation and CEO pay, using former Lehman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard Fuld as an example during a recess hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) also released internal documents showing Lehman’s compensation committee recommended $20 million in “special payments” to three departing executives on Sept. 11, four days before the firm filed for bankruptcy.

Republicans, for their part, launched a campaign to pin the financial meltdown on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and attacked Waxman for not holding a hearing to dig into the now-nationalized mortgage giants.

“Any hearing on oversight that does not begin with Fannie and Freddie and [former Fannie Mae CEO] Franklin Raines will be a sham,” said Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.). “This is like investigating a train robbery and only talking to the dining car stewards.”

The democrats are going to try to conduct a "witch hunt" on Wall Street in order to draw attention away from their own guilt in this mess.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's debate night

...and I'll be twittering through out.

Keep in mind, the words of Bandit Six.

So every four years we elect a king. Since people like consistency, we tend to elect the same king as many times as we can get away with. (See previous paragraph.) And the king, especially in any sort of emergency, has a lot of power. They don’t always, or even most of the time, have enough to fix things right away. But they’ve got a lot of power.
Including the power to totally screw things up.

For the kids reading this, this is a very important point. When you choose your king, forget most of the reasons you think you should vote for the king. Mostly, the king can’t do much about the economy but ruin it. They can’t make you richer or smarter (although they can manage the reverse). If you want one suggestion, think about all the contingencies under which that king (or queen in this case) may hold your lives in his or her hands. And choose wisely.

Ok, Barak H. Obama just said we should be giving energy to Communist China.
That is just wacked beyond belief.

The debate still has another half hour to go, and I feel safe in predicting that MS-NBC & CNN will score the debate for Obama. Hell, they probably have already and just waiting for the debate to end for appearances sake.

ACORN in the news again!

This time, same as the last time, Voter Fraud! Yup, the same ACORN with deep ties to Barak H. Obama was raided in Nevada today. The reason for the search warrant? "Secretary of State spokesman Bob Walsh says ACORN is accused of submitting multiple voter registrations with false and duplicate names."

Follow the Money!

Let's follow some taxpayer money and see where it goes!
No one should be surprised that democrat Barak Obama funneled tax payer money to members of his family.

As a state senator, Democrat Barack Obama awarded $75,000 in government grants to a Chicago social service organization led by a rabbi who is also his wife’s cousin, records show.

In 1999, Obama arranged for $50,000 for adult literacy and counseling services offered on Chicago’s South Side by a group called Blue Gargoyle. A $25,000 grant for the group’s youth services followed the next year.

The group’s executive director when the grants were awarded was Capers Funnye, a South Side rabbi and Michelle Obama’s first cousin once removed.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air points out that this is a pattern of corrupt behavior for Barak H. Obama.
He sent money to friends and family (Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright were two more recipients of his largesse) as an Illinois state senator, and as a US Senator, he sent money to his wife’s employer. Obama requested more than a million dollars a day in earmarks in his first three years in the Senate. He’s not part of the solution to Washington’s corruption — he’s part of the problem.

Monday, October 06, 2008

More documented Voter Fraud from ACORN

Yup, that ACORN, the one with ties to Barak Obama.

Still involved in widespread voter fraud.
This time in Indiana. Via Election Journal, are two stories documenting the fraud and Civil Rights violations.

First, ACORN dropped off 2,000 voter registrations today - and 1,100 "are no good," according the Lake County Board of Elections Director Sally DeSoto.

Second, CBS3 in Chicago has a video report of voter reg fraud in Lake County, including a close up of a registration from a dead man.

We're looking a close election and a democrat party that is deeply involved in massive, widespread, voter fraud. It's not going to be pretty.

SNL Explains the bailout

Color me not surprised. NBC pulls the one video clip that nails democrats more than Republicans.

The clip from last Saturday's SNL, were Barney Frank admits the current crisis is the fault of the Congressional democrats, and it gets pulled.

The skit nailing Gov. Palin, oh that's still up. You betcha!

UPDATE: Hot Air notices it gone as well and Michelle Malkin floats a very credible theory.

You can see the clip at Pat Dollad's blog and read the transcript at Michelle Malkin's blog.

My favorite part, the couple who sold crap mortgages to Wachovia Bank. SNL didn't make that part up. Actually used their real names! (Herbert and Marion Sandler, btw)

It is also reported that NBC.com is deleting questions about the skit from message boards.
Big Brother is attempting to adjust reality to his liking it seems.

Additional Update: Advertising Age is now covering the disappearing Skit. NewsBusters is on the story as well.

Rumor is that NBC will restore the skit after "editing." Seismic Activity has been reported in Chilmark, Massachusetts near John Belushi's grave. Experts say it could be caused by a rapidly spinning object.

Translating Obama into plain English

ACORN, the big picture

That arm of the VRWC, hardcore Hillary Clinton supporters (i.e. PUMAs), bring you an easy to follow, big picture view of ACORN, how Barak Obama, George Soros, and William Ayers are tied into this big mess.

I'm expecting an ugly bit of history to repeat itself

As that 36 year democrat resident of the Senate, Joe Biden said, "past is prologue."
Set the wayback machine to November, 2000. The place, the state of Florida.
The Gore campaign and the DNC, while saying they wanted to "count every vote", were sending squads of lawyers around the state to have thousands of absentee ballots sent by US Military personnel overseas thrown out on the slimmest of technicalities.

Get ready for more of that, because current polls are showing that military personnel overwhelmingly support Senator John McCain.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

An American Carol

I saw An American Carol tonight. Very funny movie.

For an added bonus, Michael Graham, of WTKK, was there.

Note the differences between real film goers and the liberal "film critic" in this video interview of people who saw "An American Carol."

Update: In the Box Office Top 10 its opening Weekend!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The long road to the bailout explained

Palin was right, Biden was wrong.

Jonah Goldberg found a clearcut case of Gov. Sarah Palin being exactly right and Senator Joe Biden denying the truth (i.e. lying).
Obama's own website shows the truth in Gov. Palin's words.

Diplomacy: Obama supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions. Now is the time to pressure Iran directly to change their troubling behavior. Obama and Biden would offer the Iranian regime a choice. If Iran abandons its nuclear program and support for terrorism, we will offer incentives like membership in the World Trade Organization, economic investments, and a move toward normal diplomatic relations. If Iran continues its troubling behavior, we will step up our economic pressure and political isolation. Seeking this kind of comprehensive settlement with Iran is our best way to make progress.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The VP debate

I'm commenting on twitter.

Palin did very well. A member of a "group of undecided voters" pointed out that based on the "edited interviews" with Couric, Palin was expected to do much worse.

Biden didn't gaffe and did a solid job of trying to defend Barak Obama.
He has been a member of that premier debate club, the US Senate for the past 36 years.

Gov. Palin has been on the national stage for five weeks, and she held her own against Biden. That was not according to the MSM's script.

No knockdowns or knockouts though. Expect CBS, MSNBC and CNN to score it as a victory for Biden.

Update: Biden said the the powers of the Executive Branch were described in Article I of the Constitution. Sorry Senator, but Article I is about the Legislative Branch.
Article 1 does describe the duties of the Vice-President in regards to the Legislative Branch, specifically in the Senate, though. It states in Article I, Section 3:

The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided.

The Senate shall choose their other officers, and also a President pro tempore, in the absence of the Vice President, or when he shall exercise the office of President of the United States.

It's pretty clear that Gov. Palin gave a more accurate description of what the Constitution actually said than the wonkish Senator Biden.

As President of the Senate, the Vice President presides over the Senate. That is a much broader roll than just voting in the case of a tie, which Senator Biden tried to claim was the limit of the Vice President's role in the Senate.

What is Barak H. Obama hiding?

Kenneth R. Timmerman raises some disturbing facts about how Barah Hussein Obama is running his campaign and what he is hiding from the American people.

More than half of the whopping $426.9 million Barack Obama has raised has come from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won't disclose.

And questions have arisen about millions more in foreign donations the Obama campaign has received that apparently have not been vetted as legitimate.
Unlike the McCain campaign, which has made its complete donor database available online, the Obama campaign has not identified donors for nearly half the amount he has raised, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP).

Federal law does not require the campaigns to identify donors who give less than $200 during the election cycle. However, it does require that campaigns calculate running totals for each donor and report them once they go beyond the $200 mark.

Surprisingly, the great majority of Obama donors never break the $200 threshold.

Isn’t that convenient?

It is the largest pool of unidentified money that has ever flooded into the U.S. election system, before or after the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms of 2002.

What is Obama hiding from the American people and, more importantly, why?

“We and seven other watchdog groups asked both campaigns for more information on small donors,” he said. “The Obama campaign never responded,” whereas the McCain campaign “makes all its donor information, including the small donors, available online.”
Under campaign finance laws, an individual can donate $2,300 to a candidate for federal office in both the primary and general election, for a total of $4,600. If a donor has topped the limit in the primary, the campaign can “redesignate” the contribution to the general election on its books.

In a letter dated June 25, 2008, the FEC asked the Obama campaign to verify a series of $25 donations from a contributor identified as “Will, Good” from Austin, Texas.

Mr. Good Will listed his employer as “Loving” and his profession as “You.”

A Newsmax analysis of the 1.4 million individual contributions in the latest master file for the Obama campaign discovered 1,000 separate entries for Mr. Good Will, most of them for $25.

In total, Mr. Good Will gave $17,375.
Similarly, a donor identified as “Pro, Doodad,” from “Nando, NY,” gave $19,500 in 786 separate donations, most of them for $25. For most of these donations, Mr. Doodad Pro listed his employer as “Loving” and his profession as “You,” just as Good Will had done.

What we have here, is a long running history of fraud and illegal donations to the Obama Campaign. The Obama campaign show little or no interest in following the law, as the Clinton campaign did and the McCain campaign does.

This sort of casual corruption is what you can expect from an Obama administration.
Welcome to the Third World.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good snarky debate humor

I found a delicious bit of snark in the comments of Rachel Lucas's blog about the up coming VP debate.

Before the snark, a bit of background data. The so-called "moderator" of the VP debate has a book coming out. The release date just happens to be January 20, 2009 and the title of the book is "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama."
Yup, the fix is in. This woman has been a fawning fan of Barak H. Obama from the git-go.

So this lead to folks wondering how that debate may go and how other moderators would handle it.

My favorite is how James Lipton, of "The Actor's Studio" would handle it.

Lipton: And now we come to the questions, made famous by my idol Bear-NARD Pee-VOH.

Governor Palin, what is your favorite word?

Palin: America.

Lipton: What is your least favorite word?

Palin: Liberal.

Lipton: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Palin: Rasing my family, serving my country and generally trying to make the world a better place today than it was yesterday.

Lipton: What turns you off?

Palin: Liberal whiny pussies that blame everybody else for problems the could probably fix themselves.

Lipton: What is your favorite curse word?

Palin: Couric.

Lipton: What sound or noise do you love?

Palin: Senator Obama going, “Uh, um…uh…” I put it to a snappy beat with a drum machine and it’s on my iPod for work-outs!

Lipton: What sound or noise do you hate?

Palin: The low, stupid sound of fists bumping.

Lipton: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Palin: President of the United States of America.

Lipton: What profession would you not like to?

Palin: The poor bastards going through the dumpsters in Alaska looking for evidence of anything wrong. Bears have been known to frequent dumpsters, James.

Lipton: Finally…if Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you walk through the Pearly Gates?

Palin: Well done, Sarah. Well done.

Bill Clinton knows the truth

Former President Bill Clinton is a smart guy. Pay attention to what he is saying in this video.

Someone at the LA Times may loose their job

I'm serious here. LA Times staff writers Stephen Braun and Tom Hamburger have written an article that doesn't portray Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the worst possible light.

Underestimate Palin at your own risk, former rivals say

"The political landscape here is littered with people who have underestimated Sarah Palin," said Eric Croft, a former state representative who ran for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2006 and appeared with Palin during several early forums.

Palin's split-personality debate persona -- mirrored in her confident speech to the Republican convention in Minneapolis in early September and in a series of wobbly performances in recent television interviews -- poses a challenge for her Democratic opponent, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, as Thursday's nationally telecast vice presidential debate in St. Louis approaches.

Biden could face trouble, Alaskan political observers said, if he takes Palin too lightly. But he also has to take care not to be overly aggressive against a candidate who radiates telegenic appeal.
Palin increasingly managed to zero in on the policy issues set before her during debate preparations, and her comfort level rose dramatically. During two final debates broadcast by Alaska public television and an Anchorage news station, Palin appeared to ace her performances, deftly crystallizing her talking points for voters.

"If you can sit her down, she has a talent for listening to a policy presentation that is so boring it would bring tears to your eyes," the aide said. "Then -- boom -- she will nail it down to its essence."

The VP debate is a make or break time for Gov. Sarah Palin. She has done a good job of energizing the conservative base, but the very liberal MSM has been attacking her with extreme viciousness.

Her performance on the debate is either going keep the McCain/Palin ticket in the race or set American on the path to hardcore Socialism for the next four years.

It's all about the politically center voters. Those are the ones who are going to elect the next President of the United States of America. Sarah Palin has the potential to appeal to them more than the very liberal Joe Biden (he's been in the Senate for 36 years, check his record) or Barak Obama.

Given that the liberal MSM has been slamming Palin nonstop, there may be a low expectation set for her. If she comes out with good solid answers, looks confident, and doesn't pull a Biden and gaffe badly, she could breath new life into her image.

She may get a boost from Biden as well. Joe Biden is known for his amazing ability to gaffe. If he stumbles badly on this debate, in front of the American public, the MSM may not be able to cover for him like they usually do.

Who is Pelosi protecting?

Nancy Pelosi will block any investigation into the truth.

"Further, according to House Oversight Committee staff, [House Democrat Conference chair Rahm] Emanuel has received assurances from Pelosi that she will not allow what he termed a "witch hunt" to take place during the next Congressional session over the role Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played in the economic crisis.

Emanuel apparently is concerned the roles former Clinton Administration members may have played in the mortgage industry collapse could be politically -- or worse, if the Department of Justice had its way, legally -- treacherous for many."