Urbin Report

Monday, September 22, 2008

Will Obama throw Biden under the bus?

The rumors are running rampant that democrat "community organizer" Barak H. Obama is going to throw his VP pick, Joe Biden (you know, the "experience" on the ticket, with 30 years of big government democrat politics in the Senate) under the same bus he threw his white grandmother and his long time pastor, the Rev Wright.

The timing is interesting, the alleged announcement is scheduled after the VP debates in early October. So if the very real possibility of Gov. Sarah Palin kicking his high taxes, big government ass concave, the Obama campaign can ditch Biden, "for health reasons" and bring in Hillary Rodham Clinton to save Barak "the Lightgiver" Obama from being beaten in November. Given the way the the democrats have been bleeding HRC supporters, that probably isn't a bad idea, at least in the short term.

In the long term, oh how Barak Hussein Obama is going to pay for selling out Biden.

Having Hillary, and Bill, in the White House, conducting their own press releases, and having their own staff of "experienced" White House hands, is going to make every day of his four year term (ya, like HRC is going to let him run again) seem like a living Hell on Earth.

Now this could just be the fantasies of hardcore PUMAs, but it does fit the Obama pattern of throwing those close to him under the wheels of the campaign bus in his raw, naked lust for power.