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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She's enjoying this...

Hillary Rodham Clinton is out on the campaign trail, pitching for Barak H. Obama, but that's it. She's not going to attack Gov. Sarah Palin.

The New York Observer has an interesting observation on the "relations" between the George Soros approved Barak Hussein Obama far left extremist wing of the democrat party and the "we can actually win national elections" Clinton wing of the party.

The consensus there, based on conversations with present and former Clinton advisers, is that the Obama campaign has isolated itself both as a result of its desire to break with the Clintons and establish itself as the future of the Democratic Party, and out of primary-victory-inspired hubris.

The article also has some good Team Clinton insight on why "Community Organizer" Obama is behind in the polls:
With the McCain campaign running tactical circles every day around the Obama outfit—which has failed, somewhat unbelievably, to come up with even a semi-compelling response to the Palin selection—one might think Mrs. Clinton, to say nothing of her sidelined husband, would be a useful surrogate on the counterattack right about now. Apparently, the Obama campaign does not agree.

“My concern is that I see them as totally reactive right now as opposed to getting out there on their own and saying what the hell they are about,” said Leon Panetta, a former chief of staff to Bill Clinton who has advised Mr. Obama. “They seem to be intimidated by the Palin pick. They seem to be intimidated by how the Republicans are coming at them on change. And you cannot win if you are constantly on defense.”

Obama, who was seen as "The One" by the hard far left wing of his party, is not winning in a fifty state landslide, as they predicted. He's getting beat by Senator McCain because Senator McCain is acting inside Obama's decision loop and Obama is reacting like the political rookie he is on the national level.

Personally, I think Hillary Rodham Clinton, and William Jefferson Clinton, are watching Obama founder with a smile. A smile and and a hopeful eye on 2012.