Urbin Report

Sunday, September 07, 2008

McCain is one crafty guy.

The pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shows a delicious level of crafty sneakiness in Senator John McCain.

The selection of Gov. Palin is a multi-level attack right at the heart of the Obama campaign.

If Gov. Palin draws any of the PUMA voters over to the Maverick/Barracuda ticket, that's a win for McCain.

Gov. Palin actually has a better resume than Barak H. Obama. Every time the democrats attacks Gov. Palin, with actual executive experience, about her "lack of experience needed to be Vice President", it draws attention that the top of the democrat ticket has even less experience.

Gov. Palin actually has a record of reform and attacking corruption. Obama doesn't have anything except speeches about what he might do if he's elected.

Gov. Sarah Palin is also a good draw for the Conservative base. McCain's support in that group was luke warm. She's bringing the party's base in as well drawing in from the center. Obama has the extreme far left base of his party, but he can't seem to break through that ceiling to draw in centrist votes.