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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Electoral College map

Several sites that track individual state polls and post Electoral College maps based on them show an interesting sight.

First let us look at this one from Real Clear Politics.

Wow! McCain is head not only in solid states (172 to 157), but "leaning" states (55 to 50) as well, with a higher vote count in both columns. What is even more interesting, but hardly surprising, is that the DNC/MSM isn't running this story.

It gets better. Let's look at what RCP lists as the state by state changes in the last three months.

Minnesota has gone from "leaning Obama" to "toss up."
Indiana and Florida have gone from "toss up" to "leaning McCain."
North Carolina and Georgia have gone from "leaning McCain" to "Solid McCain."

The map at electoral-vote.com shows the same trend, but with smaller margins.

This is a trend that is probably contributing to the continued sedation of Michelle Obama.

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