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Friday, September 19, 2008

About your resume, Mr. Obama

On of the major problems that "Community Organizer" Barry Obama has had to deal with is his almost complete lack of actual experience at a real job.
Well, it seems that the problem is even worse than it appears. It seems that Mr. Obama has been "inflating" his resume.

...one of [Obama's] co-workers, Dan Armstrong, has in fact written about Mr. Obama during those days. And while he is an admitted fan of Obama’s, he claims that he has inflated his resume considerably.

Others who worked with Obama at Business International have subsequently chimed in.

Mr. Armstrong writes:
I have to say that Barack engages in some serious exaggeration when he describes a job that he held in the mid-1980s. I know because I sat down the hall from him, in the same department, and worked closely with his boss. I can’t say I was particularly close to Barack - he was reserved and distant towards all of his co-workers - but I was probably as close to him as anyone. I certainly know what he did there, and it bears only a loose resemblance to what he wrote in his book.
If Barack was promoted, his new job responsibilities were more of the same - rewriting other people’s copy. As far as I know, he always had a small office, and the idea that he had a secretary is laughable. Only the company president had a secretary. Barack never left the office, never wore a tie, and had neither reason nor opportunity to interview Japanese financiers or German bond traders.

So the democrats have put up an empty suit that is the product of the old fashioned Chicago democrat machine politics. Then they have the audacity to tell the American People that this is "Change." Let's be real here folks, the only change you can expect from the democrats under Obama is the change that used to be in your pocket. That will be long gone after they jack your taxes through the roof. Don't let 'em fool you. If you have money, you count as "the rich" and can expect to get soaked.