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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why is Barry acting nervous?

Barak H. Obama is acting a nervous for someone who just came off a vacation.
Let's review some possible reasons why.

...[Senator John] McCain now has a 9-point edge, 49 percent to 40 percent, over Obama on the critical question of who would be the best manager of the economy

LAT Poll Can Only Manage to Put Obama Up by 2 Among Registered (Not Likely) Voters

A ten point fall since their last poll, but their last poll was almost certainly bullshit in the first place (it "confirmed" Newsweek's ridiculous 15 point advantage -- but both outfits, having claimed that their polls were dead-on and not outliers or just plain goofs, now have to explain why this "huge lead" has now disappeared).

Zogby: McCain Makes a Move, Takes 5-Point Lead Over Obama. "Obama loses ground among Dems, women, Catholics & even younger voters."

According to RealClear Politics, Senator John McCain is taking the lead in Electoral College predictions.

Good thing he took a vacation or he would be even deeper in the hole.

I don't think any VP pick he makes can reverse this downward trend.