Urbin Report

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama says something dumb, then calls his opponents ignorant.

Barak H. Obama did a fairly typical thing for him, he said something that the DNC/MSM would have been all over Dan Quayle for.

In this case he claimed that properly inflating car tires would save as much oil as domestic oil drilling. A claim that is monumentally wrong. Of course he's getting mocked for it. It was wrong and showed a dangerous ignorance in someone who is claiming to be able to solve America's energy policy.

Now Barak H. Obama is engaging in typical democrat behavior, he is lying about what he said. He is now claiming that properly inflating car tires will save 2-3% in fuel costs. That statement is accurate. It is not what he first claimed.

To make it worse, Obama is claiming that his opponents are "ignorant" for mocking his original statement, which was flat out wrong and painfully ignorant.

Sadly this is typical behavior for the Obamessiah. He refuses to admit any possible fallacy or mistake in his doctrine.

Obama also refuses to admit that energy policy is complex and requires multiple solutions, including domestic drilling, Clean Safe Nuclear Power, Wind, Solar, Conservation and other alternate sources.

Barak Obama and the rest of the far left extremist democrats refuse to consider domestic drilling and Nuclear Power. They would rather see the American economy tank.