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Monday, August 11, 2008

300+ illegal aliens registered to vote in Bexar County TX

That is over three hundred violations of every American Citizen's basic Civil Rights.
Sadly, my own State Senator voted against a bill to require ID to cast a vote here in the Peoples Commonwealth. Valid ID is needed to buy a cell phone, purchase effective allergy medicine, and to rent a DVD from Blockbuster. Here in the liberal Bizzaro World, that's ok, but protecting basic Civil Rights is right out.

Ok, back to Texas:

...In a review of the past six years, Callanen said 330 undocumented people had registered to vote, and that 41 of them had voted — even though they later acknowledged they were not U.S. citizens.

The 330 people had received jury duty summons cards because their names were culled from the county's voter registration rolls.

Callanen said 41 people admitted voting, some in multiple elections, between 2001 and 2007. Each one said they were unaware they could not register or vote...

... Republican legislators in a number of states, including Texas, have tried repeatedly to toughen the law by requiring voters to present one or more forms of identification. They say it is necessary to preserve the integrity of elections.

Democrats generally oppose such ballot security measures — calling them a back door effort to disenfranchise the elderly and minorities, who traditionally vote Democratic and who tend not to carry multiple forms of identification with their picture...

Illegal aliens voting in US elections. A liberal democrat wet dream come true.
At the same time, democrats want to deny basic Civil Rights to serving members of the US Military.