Urbin Report

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is Barak Obama afraid of?

Barak H. Obama's old message was that he would debate Senator John McCain "anytime and anyplace." The new message is that he is dodging debates, especially when they are to be held on a US military base. Even the liberal NY Times is calling him on it.

“I’m having extreme difficulty getting the Obama campaign to commit to this event, and we do not understand why,” said Ms. Picard, whose husband is deployed in Iraq. “We made it very clear to them that if they would commit to the event, we would work with them on dates.”

Senator John McCain has accepted the invitation to this debate, but Obama is dodging the debate. What is he afraid of? Perhaps he fears that his record of being completely wrong about the war in Iraq every time has spoken on the subject (compared to Senator McCain being absolutely spot on correct about the Surge), or could it be he is painfully aware of his crippling weakness in foreign policy, or perhaps it that like most far left extremist democrats, he considers the US Military to be a hostile audience filled with those he looks down on?

I think it is a strong dose of all of those. The electorate can smell that fear, and perhaps that is why he is dropping in the polls.