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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What is Obama hiding?

Rumors Swirl Around Obama Campaign’s Refusal To Release Candidate’s Birth Certificate.

More details at Hot Air.

Remember how the democrats were so up in arms over the non-issue of McCain being born in the Panama Canal Zone and his wife's tax returns. This is another case of the lefts extreme hypocrisy rearing its head.

They didn't get upset when Billy Jeff Clinton refused to release his medical records and had the official White House physician (a Naval officer) removed from the White House grounds and replaced by one of his cronies from Arkansas who kept BJ's secrets.

If this really isn't an issue, then Obama should just release the document to the press, and not just to a couple of in the tank "journalists" who will do what they want (like John Kerry did with his military records).

Update: By way of AoSHQ, the document the Kos Kiddies put up as proof of Obama's American birth doesn't look quite kosher.

Personally, I find the fact that only place to publish any sort of birth certificate document is that far left wing snake pit that Kos runs not a good sign.