Urbin Report

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No surprise here.

Salon has an article on why hardcore Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters are not warming up to Barak Obama. There are two very telling lines in the article that sums up a lot of the problems many have with the left:

...the unpleasant position in which Hillary-supporting feminists find themselves -- members of a progressive party that doesn't seem particularly interested in their progress.
They are mad that everyone believes them to be old, white and racist. They are mad at the people they thought were supposed to be progressives for treating them badly.

Bingo! The far left democrats are not interested in progress. Just look at the Obama platform. It is a return to the failed late 1970s policies of the worst president in modern history, democrat Jimmy Carter.

It also serves as a stark reminder that there is nothing more closed minded an intolerant that an open mined and tolerant liberal.