Urbin Report

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Follow the Money

As the man who wrote the screenplay said, "Follow the money."

In this case, let's follow the money behind James Hansen, a high priest in the Cult of Algore.

The money leads to the far hard left extremist George Soros. The man who funded most of the far left 527 attack ads in 2004.

Remember that James Hansen used to push the theory that the planet was experiencing "global cooling" and was warning that the planet was entering a new ice age.

Could it be that he found the money better on the other side of the fence?

It is interesting that a lot of lefties are whining that Hansen is being "swiftboated."
If you use the real definition of the word, which is:

Swiftboating - 1. (verb) - to use actual quotes and facts that are 100 % traceable to the party they are attributed to. 2. (noun) - the published record of an individual that is later used against them.

...well then, they may be right.