Urbin Report

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The democrats track records

Let's look at what the congressional democrats promised to due when they gained power in 2006 and what they have accomplished. Floppy Aces has the tally:

[democrats] promised that if elected to power they’d:
-end the war in Iraq
-lower gasoline prices
-make the world love us
-end the partisanship in DC

Let's see, they have completely dropped the ball on ending the war in Iraq. In fact they gone out their way to hide the fact that the surge McCain supported has worked, and that the Iraqi military is successfully doing more and more in fighting Islamofascists.

Gas prices have gone up about $2 a galleon since the democrats took over congress.
It only went up $0.66 during the first six years of the Bush 43 administration and the Republican controlled congress. So it looks like they screwed that pooch too.

Make the world love us? Well, dictators around the world are happy over the fact that liberal democrat may take control of the White House.

As for ending the partisanship in D.C., that has been an utter failure as well. The democrats have raised divisive partisanship to new levels.

There is a reason that Congress has a much lower approval rating than the President, yet the democrats want to repeat the mistakes of the worst President in modern history, Jimmy Carter.