Urbin Report

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The democrats regressive energy tax...

As it has been pointed out, democrats, including Barak Obama, want higher gas prices.

The $4+ gas price that is the result of democrat policies is a regressive tax that the democrats claim are the type of thing that Republicans are for.

The higher fuel costs are not going to keep eco-hypocrites like Al Gore and Laurie "CARBON SASQUATCH" David from flying in their private jets. Jets that pump multiple SUV years of carbon into the air each mile they fly.

The higher fuel costs are going to have a negative effect on the single mom who has to drive 30 miles a day for her two jobs in order to support her family. She can't drive any less, she can't afford to move, and she can't afford to purchase an expensive alternate fuel vehicle. She is going to have to take funds away from other items in her limited budget to order to cover the fuel costs that have doubled since Nancy Pelosi and the democrats have taken over Congress.

This is just another example of what the average American can expect if the democrats get control of the Executive branch as well.