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Monday, June 16, 2008

Color me not surprised

WorldNetDaily reports (because the NY Times or the Boston Globe won't run this story):

Louisiana's top election official has launched an investigation into a voter registration drive by the Washington-based Voting is Power organization, which is sponsored by the Muslim American Society and was hired by Democrats, after registrars were "flooded" with fake forms, including a couple for a gentleman named George W. Bush.
According to a report from the Associated Press, the Washington-based VIP was hired by national Democrats to register up to 70,000 new voters before this fall's election.
"It has been a long-running joke amongst pundits that Election Day should be renamed 'Zombie Day' given all the dead people who seemingly rise from the graves and vote," concluded the FedPapers blog.

"Mind you, this is just one of many reasons why states are starting to get more stringent when it comes to voters needing identification before they can vote. Many people – the majority on the Left – have had a tizzy over the enforcement of such laws. Arizona was challenged when they enacted tougher laws regarding voter identification, but that was due to the illegal alien population here, and their tendency to vote when they are not legally allowed to do so," the blog continued.

Oh my...democrats involved in voter fraud. Oh right...most cases of voter fraud involve democrats, including the DNC/Gore Campaign sending out squads of hit lawyers in Florida with the sole goal of violating the Civil Rights of members of the US Military serving overseas by having their crystal clear ballots thrown out by tame liberal judges back in the 2000 election.
Remember kids, the vast majority of dead people vote democrat and the DNC wants to keep that way.