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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

She's still in the race

Well, Barak did beat HRC in North Carolina by over 10%. Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't taking the hint though. She squeaked by in Indiana and gave a speech today saying that she is staying in the race. She is pushing to get the Michigan and Florida races counted, despite their knowingly breaking the DNC rules.

A lot of DNC officials would like her to drop out, for the good of the party.
Reality check time, she's a Clinton, neither Hillary or Bill have ever put the good of the party ahead of their personal ambitions. She'll drop out only if she runs completely out of money (not likely) or the party offers her something to make it worth her while to do so.

Update: Mr. Reynolds points out that Ted Kennedy went to the convention in 1980 with a lot smaller share of the vote.