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Monday, May 05, 2008

Mean while, in the UK...

Conservatives sweep elections across Britain.
The uber-liberal labor party types who got tossed out include the Mayor of London:

The outcome of the London race follows a catastrophic result for Gordon Brown and the Labour Party in local elections across England and Wales.

An emotional Ken LivingstoneAfter what he described as a “bad” and “disappointing” night, the Prime Minister’s party came third in the share of the national vote.

Labour has lost well over 400 seats in local elections across England and Wales - the Conservatives have gained 300 seats and nine councils.

Sky’s political editor Adam Boulton says the result is “beyond the worst” predicted by most analysts.

“This a shattering result for Gordon Brown and Labour,” he said.

HT to Pilgrim at Say Anything.

The Brits have figured out that goofy far hard left extremist policies are bad for the country and its citizens. A lesson that democrats here in the US should pay attention to.