Urbin Report

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If Barak wants to put Hillary down...

...ok, I'll pass on the cheap and easy pantsuit joke.
Seriously, unless he beats her by 10% or more in North Carolina, and she wins, by whatever margin, in Indiana, HRC isn't going anywhere.

She'll keep fighting all the way to Denver. Especially if she wins by 5% or more in Indiana. She can keep pushing the democrat party overseers (the so-called "super delegates") that she has won the key states that are needed in a general election.

The democrat uber-delegates are there to keep a fringe candidate from getting the nomination. The more we see of Barak Obama, the more clear it becomes to more and more people, that he is a far hard left wing extremist candidate, that will not fair well in a general election against a centrist Republican like John McCain.

The question is, will the democrat party overseers have the guts to not give the nomination to the far hard left wing extremist candidate, who did collect more elected delegates than HRC, just because they are afraid of the race riots that will occur if they give the nod to another potential Clinton term. I'm predicting that they will not have the guts/backbone/whatever to do it. They will bow to the nutroots wing of the party and start planning for 2012.