Urbin Report

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Color me not surprised

The New York Times runs a story on how Jews in Florida (and anywhere else if they pay attention) are not on the Obama bandwagon.

“The people here, liberal people, will not vote for Obama because of his attitude towards Israel,” Ms. Weitz, 83, said, lingering over brunch.

“They’re going to vote for McCain,” she said.
On Thursday, Mr. Obama will court Jewish voters with an appearance at a synagogue in Boca Raton, Fla. A longtime Democratic constituency with a consistently high turnout rate, Jews are important to his general election hopes, particularly in New York, which he expects to win; in California and New Jersey, which he must keep out of Republican hands; and, most crucially, here in Florida, where Jews make up around 5 percent of voters.

Barak H. Obama has the twin albatrosses of Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan around his neck when it comes to the Jewish vote. Wright's church, of which Obama was a member for decades, has a long history of attacks against Israel and support of those who want the Jewish state destroyed. If he wants those votes, he needs to be more of Barry Obama, the Harvard Law School grad, and less of Barak Hussein Obama, the member of the Black Activist Church that preached that Israel is planning genocide against Arabs and that American had it coming on 9/11/2001.