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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Missing in action: Obama's spine

One debate where the moderates didn't check to see if he wanted a pillow and Barry H. Obama folds like a cheap lawn chair and ditches the next debate.

A proposed debate in Raleigh between Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has been called off, officials said Monday.

CBS had agreed to host a debate next Sunday at the RBC Center and televise the event nationally. Clinton agreed to the date, but Obama, who had earlier committed to an April 19 debate, said repeatedly he wasn't sure whether he could fit an April 27 debate into his campaign schedule.

The North Carolina Democratic Party said in a statement Monday that the logistics of staging a national event on short notice, if Obama were to agree to the debate this week, were too daunting to try to pull everything together. Democratic officials also said there were "growing concerns about what another debate would do to party unity."

The Confederate Yankee calls it with spot on accuracy:
That is a truckload of bovine excrement, of course.

The NC Democratic Party could have easily provided for a debate with the resources we have here in the state capitol, even on short notice, and plans were no doubt in place to do just that until Obama backed down from the challenge.

Leading Tarheel Democrats—including both Democratic gubernatorial candidates—are in the tank for Barack Obama, and they understand that another dismal performance by a faltering Obama could give the Clinton campaign the opening it needs to finish a bruising primary season strong and throw the nomination process even further into turmoil. They don't want to risk his double-digit lead and his overall viability when it isn't absolutely necessary.

Obama doesn't have the backbone to face tough questions and is absolutely terrified of Chris Wallace. The leaders of North Korea, Iran and Communist China must be absolutely gleeful over the prospect of having this lightweight in the Oval Office.