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Friday, March 28, 2008

Taking the party down with her

As I have, and many others, have said, HRC isn't giving up as long as there is a slim, sliver of a chance of her getting access to the Oval Office. She's been planning her Socialist Police State for a long time, and isn't going to let some former State Senator from a flyover state stop her. Some democrat pundits have tossed around the "Tanya Harding" option. There is where Hillary effectively "kneecaps" Obama in order to take him out of the race (although, Obama's spiritual adviser seems to being that for her). If that tears the party in half, she's OK with that. Because in her view, she's more important than the party.

Peggy Noonan sums it up well:

“What, really, is Mrs. Clinton doing? She is having the worst case of cognitive dissonance in the history of modern politics. She cannot come up with a credible, realistic path to the nomination. She can't trace the line from "this moment's difficulties" to "my triumphant end." But she cannot admit to herself that she can lose. Because Clintons don't lose. She can't figure out how to win, and she can't accept the idea of not winning. She cannot accept that this nobody from nowhere could have beaten her, quietly and silently, every day.”

Listen, I can feel her pain. She's spent thirty years sticking with a horny hillbilly in order to build her resume. Obama is coming along with no resume, no background, just empty slogans that the useful idiots are swallowing whole and claiming how filling they are.

This must be driving her crazy. She's been planning and plotting her path to the Presidency for decades. She will do whatever it takes to win, the democrat party and voters be damned. Personally, I'm stocking up on popcorn and am planning on enjoying the show.

Update: More at RWS.