Urbin Report

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sounds reasonable

A reader of NRO's Media Blog puts forth the following highly likely scenario:

I have a theory about media bias against Hillary.

How many reporters/broadcasters remember being lied to by the Clinton White House?

Example: During MonicaGate it was common for Sydney Blumenthal or some White House associate to leak a story. Then, after the story appeared, the White House would go into full apoplexy blaming the prosecutor or their "enemies" for leaking.

We know that happened. Which means there were reporters who KNEW they were being used and KNEW they were being lied to when the WH denied it. But, best I can recall, none had the courage to disclose the deceit. They allowed themselves to be used.

After such dirty dealings, I wouldn't be surprised that the Washington press corps would have buyer's remorse on the Second Coming of the Clintons.

Maybe I'm completely off base, but I have no doubt the press knows enough to prevent them from relishing a second Clinton presidency.