Urbin Report

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smell the desperation...

Things are probably getting ugly at Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign HQ, which is cool by me.

Barak Obama trounced her again, this time in Mississippi.

HRC and her puppets are playing the race card, the gender card,the experience card, the fear mongering card, and the "Damn it! I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton, you peasant!" card.

She even has the flat out gall to say that beating her like a rented mule (with my apologies to rented mules for comparing them to HRC) qualifies Obama to be her Vice-President.

She's not going to give up on her dream of inflicting a Socialist Police State on the United States of America while there is still any thin sliver of chance of pulling it off.

If the stupid democrat peasants won't see that she is clearly the superior being and vote for her, she'll have to rely on the DNC Overseers, which they call "Super Delegates." Her plan is that they will anoint her over the so called "will" of the democrat voters.

She can count the the loyal support of the Party appointed Overseers. Like current New York Governor Elliot Spizer.