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Sunday, March 16, 2008

More delicious blue on blue action

The Kos Kiddies are reaping what they have sown. They are all about the lowest form of the politics of personal destruction.

Up to now they have kept it mostly focused on anybody who does not subscribe to their group think.

No longer. As Ace points out, they are attacking each other over the Obama/Clinton divide and it's ugly.

What happens when you have a party that is obsessed with lockstep adherence to party policy and also obsessed with identity politics?

A war over gender and race.

Here is some of the lovely blood letting going on:
Let the Shillarys walk...

Hillary has abandoned the Democratic party, in an even more destructive way than Joe Lieberman did. She does not deserve our support; her shills have earned our scorn and derision.
Instead of simply joining forces with the Republitards, she and her campaign have worked to re-define the term "Democrat" as "people who support Hillary Clinton as the only true choice for President in 2008."
As her campaign foundered, she blamed the media (and not her own complete lack of a post-Super Tuesday strategy), and clearly indicated her preference for John McCain over Obama if the latter leads the Democratic ticket.