Urbin Report

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let the political theater begin!

Let's be real here, unless Barak "The return of Jimmy Carter" Obama wins Ohio and Texas by large double digit margins, Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't going anywhere.
She's worked hard to get this close to the Oval Office. She isn't going to give up her dream as long as there is a chance, any chance, she can reach her goal of establishing hard left extremist Socialism in the United States.

If it requires a bloody, knock down drag out fight at the convention, then that is what she will do. As NPR's Mara Liasson said, "The Clintons always use two sets of brass knuckles when one will do." What else is she going to do? Go back to being the carpet bagger, so-called "Senator from New York"? A position which was, and let us be honest here, just a stepping stone to the Presidency. If she does lose, she may finish out her term, and then follow her co-conspirator "husband" footsteps into the big money of speaking engagements where foreigners pay them big money to have a Clinton tell them how bad America is.

But I don't think she is going to give up that easy. If she wins Ohio and/or Texas, even by slim margins, she will proclaim herself the new "Comeback Kid" and use that as an excuse to keep herself in the running.

Which would be cool. Having her and Obama snipe at each other, in a nasty vicious downward spiral of the trademark Clinton "Politics of Personal Destruction" straight into the convention would be first rate political theater.