Urbin Report

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good question.

I heard a couple of people ask how HRC managed to win three states after Obama's winning streak.

Perhaps it is because some democrats starting taking a long hard look at Barak Obama.
He really doesn't have that much in the way of any sort of practical experience. His rhetoric is mostly what we call in High Tech "Vaporware." What he does have in the way of published policy statements is pretty damn scary. It's warmed over Jimmy "Double digit inflation & unemployment" Carter policies wrapped in a shiny new hard far left, so-called "Progressive" (a.k.a Socialist) wrapper.

I would hope that there are enough responsible adults left in the democrat party to figure out that they don't want Skippy the Soviet Young Pioneer given the keys to the country.

So, HRC is the lesser of two evils, but remember that even "journalists" from the left leaning NY Times admit that there really isn't much difference between their two platforms. Hillary is a wee bit less liberal than Obama, but that is like saying that Pol Pot was just a wee bit less of mass murderer of his own citizens than Stalin.