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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good news from the Middle East

In this case, good news is bad guys going bye-bye.
In Iraq, AoSHQ reports on an Al Qaeda leader shuffling off this mortal coil with the help of a US guided missile.

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Gregory Smith said Jar Allah, also known as Abu Yasir al-Saudi, and another Saudi known only as Hamdan, were both killed Wednesday in Mosul.

Al-Saudi was the man who headed up the al-Qaida network in southeast Mosul, an insurgent hotbed where U.S. forces wage daily battles against the group.

"Mosul is the center of al-Qaida's terrorist activities today. Mosul is a critical crossroads for al-Qaida in Iraq. Baghdad has always been al-Qaida's operational center of gravity, but Mosul remains their strategic center of gravity as it provides access to the flow of foreign fighters," Smith said.

…"It is their strategic center of gravity. One-half to two-thirds of attacks in Iraq today are in and around Mosul," Smith said.

Pilgrim at SayAnyting Blog brings us more good news, this time it's Hamas Gunmen Transporting Kassam Rockets meeting with the Israeli Air Force, and losing the encounter.