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Sunday, February 24, 2008

That's gonna leave a mark...

Hawkish Liberal Andrew Sullivan points out an ugly truth about Hillary Rodham Clinton

"Clinton is a terrible manager of people. Coming into a campaign she had been planning for, what, two decades, she was so not ready on Day One, or even Day 300. Her White House, if we can glean anything from the campaign, would be a secretive nest of well-fed yes-people, an uncontrollable egomaniac spouse able and willing to bigfoot anyone if he wants to, a phalanx of flunkies who cannot tell the boss when things are wrong, and a drizzle of dreary hacks like Mark Penn."

That is a really telling blow against HRC, who's been constantly pushing the obviously false message that she would be the one ready "Day One" if elected to the the office of President. That bubble, along with her "inevitability" has been popped.

HT to Ms. Althouse