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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

Mary Katharine Ham said:

I think Clinton’s likely to get thrown under the bus by those superdelegates she’s counting on, but does anyone think she’s gonna go under without clawing the tires all to hell? Fun times.

I posted that to a mailing list I'm on and followed it up with:
Was that last part of the debate Hillary Rodham Clinton throwing in the towel or a bit of misdirection before she starts going after the super delegates, the pledged delegates, and anything else that might vote her way?

Or perhaps she is going to withdraw before she loses another four states in a row. The convention isn't until August. Plenty of time leak all that material the PIs gathered to the press. Let McCain take the blame for that, and when Obama arrives at the convention weakened by scandal after scandal, HRC can appear as the savior of the party.

That would make good political theater.

This story from RedState makes it look like we could be for some good political theater as HRC proceeds to start "clawing the tires all to hell"
What is important is that the Democrats' internecine warfare is continuing apace and that there will likely not be a withdrawal from the campaign by the Clinton people unless Ohio and Texas turn out to be disasters for her. And even if they do turn out that way, those who saw a TV clip of Hillary Clinton heatedly denouncing Barack Obama might be forgiven for thinking that she might stay in no matter what to sabotage and undermine a candidate she plainly has contempt for and believes to be beneath her.