Urbin Report

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Poor Hillary

I can feel her pain, really. Compared to Barak Obama, the Marxist in a pantsuit really is more experienced and is actually more conservative than the second coming of Jimmy "double digit inflation and unemployment" Carter.

She's worked hard for the past thirtyfive years for this job. Defending police murdering Black Panthers, sitting on the board of directors of the biggest polluter in the state her husband was governor of, organizing attacks on the women her husband sexually harassed and assaulted, withholding legal documents under subpoena, taking bribes from hostile foreign powers... The woman has worked hard to get where she could run for President of the United States.

Now she is getting her large ass kicked by some kid who was a state senator from a flyover state a couple of years ago with no experience and stated policies that are even more Marxist than hers!

What is worse is her greatest skill, the politics of personal destruction, just don't work on Obama. His supporters just don't care that he has no real experience, and his warmed over Jimmy Carter policies will drive the nation's economy into the crapper. Anytime she points out any of his faults, real or imagined, it just drives her negatives higher (and many pundits thought those were at the saturation point). To make it worse, her former lapdogs, the so-called "main stream media" have cast her aside and are clearly in the tank for Obama.

While I feel Hillary's pain, I can help at feeling some joy at watching her go down in flames as her "inevitability" campaign plan sinks after hitting the iceberg of that empty suit that has stolen away her far left extremist Hollywood supporters.

The only downside is that Barak Obama's policies are really and truly a nightmare waiting to happen to America.