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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The pimping double standard at MSNBC

Olbermann Watch has the story.

Update: Moxie nails the other MSM/DNC double standard:

It's scary when I agree with someone at MSNBC. But honestly, [Chelsea] was shielded during her White House years. She pretty much vanished into an angel's wing when she attended Stanford and beyond. Until recently, of course when she got more involved with her witch of a mother's campaign.

Let's contrast that with the harsh and constant scrutiny the Bush twins received. Every college foible was beyond documented and dissected. Names were called, no suspensions, no apologies and there we go with that nagging liberal media double standard.

I'm tired of that particular double standard.

Now Chelsea is an adult and by any definition, her Mom is pimping her out, to gather the young female vote, the celebrity female vote. Once you become active in a campaign, you are open to criticism and often painful but very true observations.