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Friday, February 01, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton's A Team

Jay Tea lists some key Clinton team members:

Former federal judge Alcee Hastings, impeached for corruption and removed from office back in 1989.

Bill Clinton: Impeached for perjury, acquitted by the Senate, but stripped of his license to practice law for lying under oath.

Sandy Berger: Pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying 9/11-related documents from the National Archives; has yet to undergo the agreed-upon polygraph test over the matter.

Norman Hsu: Wanted fugitive for fraud from the 90s, sneaked back into the US and became a major fundraiser for Hillary until his fugitive status was uncovered.

Sidney Blumenthal: Faciing trial for aggravated drunken driving in Nashua, New Hampshire the night of the New Hampshire primary.

This is what you can expect of a possible HRC White House Staff. The continuing of their Culture of Corruption.