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Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad news for Hillary Rodham Clinton

Which is is good news for America!
HRC was soundly defeated by Barak Obama in four states in a row!
Nebraska, Louisiana, Washington, and Maine.
It seems the HRC "Inevitability" express has derailed and her advisers are in "state of panic".
Tomorrow, democrat voters go to the polls in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington,D.C.
Hopefully they too will reject HRC's twin legacies of the "Culture of Corruption" and the "Politics of Personal Destruction."

The panic has lead to a shake up at HRC campaign HQ. Her campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, is "quiting." She is to be replaced by Hillary's old White House Chief of Staff, Maggie Williams. Williams, as you recall, bold faced lied under oath to protect Hillary. The Clintons value that kind of personal loyalty over loyalty to the United States, the Constitution, or even the democrat party.

What is even more interesting is that it is really starting to look like Obama is going to collect more delegates selected by the people than HRC will. The Clintons are starting to grasp at that straw of winning though the use of so-called "super delegates" who are party insiders and power brokers. Bill Clinton is one of those so-called "super delegates" for example.
This is a classic example of how the democrat party really isn't interested in the democratic process. It's all about raw, naked lust for power.
There are democrats with principles still left, not many, but a few.
Donna Brazile is one. This former adviser to Al Gore has gone on record saying, "If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party."

HT to AoSHQ and RightWing Sparkle