Urbin Report

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So much for HRC's foreign policy "experience".

Bryan at Hot Air points out that she got just about every softball slow pitch question from former Clinton staffer George Swaythepoplus wrong.

So Hillary Clinton, smartest woman in the world and veteran of flying into the world’s dangerous hot spots alongside comedian Sinbad, got the Pakistani elections entirely, completely and utterly wrong in all respects.

Perhaps she should have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Saturday night.

What may be even more telling than how wrong Hillary got Pakistan is the fact that none of her Democrat rivals have called her out on it. She made her remarks in a high profile interview on the last Sunday morning before the Iowa caucus. It’s now Tuesday. Where are the Edwards and Obama camps to criticize her for getting everything on a vital story completely wrong? It’s reasonable to assume that none of the experts in either camp are even aware that Hillary is so disastrously wrong about the hottest foreign policy story of the moment.

Personally, I think that Senators Dowd and Biden picked up on her screw up, but the two democrats with the most experience are not even in double digits in Iowa and New Hampshire. That is a sad commentary on the democrat party.