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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Signs that Bill Clinton is back on drugs.

When he was governor of Arkansas (which was rated 49th in education at the time), the DEA recorded his brother Rodger as saying his brother had a nose like vacuum cleaner.
It looks like Billy Jeff Clinton is hitting the Colombian Marching powder again. It's clear by this rather nonsensical statement he recently made according to USA Today.
He made the bizzare claim that Senator Barak Obama is the "Establishment" candidate.

Let's compare records. Senator Obama was a state senator from a "Fly Over" state a few years ago. He has not had the thirty five plus years of institutionalized corruption that Mrs. Bill Clinton, a.k.a. Hillary Rodham Clinton, has had, going back to her days as "First Lady" of Arkansas and serving on the boards of large corporations based in Arkansas. Then there is here experience working for the miserable failure known as the Carter Administration where she ended her government service by funneling US taxpayer funds to known terrorist organizations. Let us not forget her brothers selling Presidential pardons to the highest bidders either.
Hillary Rodham Clinton's record of corruption and slavish loyalty to the liberal establishment is long and well documented.

It's obvious that Bill Clinton is just doing what he does best, lying.