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Monday, January 07, 2008

Meanwhile in New Hampshire...

According to CNN, the people of New Hampshire are rejection the Politics of Personal Destruction and the Culture of Corruption that were the highlights of the Clinton administration in the 1990's. Their polls show Barak Obama leaving Hillary Rodham Clinton in the dust, 39% to 29% after defeating her soundly in Iowa and her lackluster performance in Saturday's debate.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's desperation is showing. Her elitist fat cat funded campaign is busing in supporters from as far away as New York to make her New Hampshire campaign stops look like she has more support in New Hampshire than she really has.

When the event ended I talked to some of the out-of-staters, including Julia Fuchs, 65 and a recent graduate student. She was about to board one of the [chartered] buses back to New York after spending two days in the Granite State for Clinton.

"We are crazy about her. We came here to stump for her, they told me where to go," she said. "The campaign paid for everything."