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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hillary's sleazy delegate grab

Bipartisan support on Hillary Rodham Clinton taking the sleazy low road (no surprise to anyone paying attention).
On the Right, Michelle Malkin,

It’s blue-on-blue in-fighting again over in the land of the Donkeys. Hillary Clinton posted an announcement on her campaign website today that is causing aneurysms on the Left.

Poligazette sums it up:
Hillary Clinton is now arguing that the convention should seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida that everyone agreed shouldn’t be seated. Whether that decision was right or wrong, every Democratic candidate in the race agreed not to campaign in those states because of their (too-)early primary dates, and every major candidate but Hillary withdrew their name from the Michigan ballot. Because of her massive edge in name recognition and because no advertising or debates took place in Florida, Hillary has essentially won by default in both states. Having “won” a considerable number of delegates solely because no one else contested the races, all of a sudden she is struck by the manifest unfairness of not seating the delegates — and just in time for a) a bounce in the Florida poll for sticking up for them, and b) Obama to have no chance to contest the Florida race!

On the loopy far extremist left, you have the DUmmies.
Hillary Clinton to Howard Dean: Screw you.
I do not think Hillary won Michigan fairly, since I believe she got the endorsement of Governor Granholm after Clinton fundraisers gave Granholm's campaign a huge amount of money. Seating Michigan delegates also leaves out the many voters of Michigan who were only permitted to vote as "uncommitted", and could not write in either Obama or Edwards.
It just reinforces the stink coming from the Clinton campaign. They do not even have to do this, as Hillary can win otherwise, but they seem to be pulling out all stops it seems. Very ugly.