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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

democrats disenfranchise poor and minority voters in Nevada.

Of course, this is no surprise to anyone who pays attention. Stealing elections is right out of the democrat playbook.
Mike of Mike's America has the details:

Remember all the brouhaha about the Bush campaign trying to disenfranchise Black voters in Florida? Yet, when the U.S. Civil Rights Commission issued it's otherwise scathing report, it could find NOT ONE person denied the right to vote.

If anyone disagrees, then name Black voter who was intentionally refused the right to vote due to a Bush conspiracy to deny their rights.

You might think that Democrats would be especially sensitive to the issue since they routinely demonstrate such concern on the matter. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

Ari Berman writes in The Nation:

...On Meet the Press on Sunday, Hillary Clinton said her campaign had nothing to do with a lawsuit--written about by Nation Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel--that threatens to prevent thousands of workers from voting in the Nevada caucus on Saturday.

Back in March, the Nevada Democratic Party agreed to set up caucus locations on the Vegas strip for low-income shift workers, many of them members of the state's influential Culinary Union, who commute long distances to work and wouldn't be able to get home in time to caucus. It was an uncontroversial idea until the Culinary Union endorsed Barack Obama and the Nevada State Education Association, whose top officials support Clinton, sued to shut down the caucus sites. The Clinton camp played dumb until yesterday, when President Clinton came out in favor of the lawsuit.

Clinton's comments drew a heated response from D. Taylor, the head of Nevada's Culinary Union, on MSNBC's Hardball. "He is in support of disenfranchising thousands upon thousands of workers, not even just our members," Taylor said of Clinton. "The teachers union is just being used here. We understand that. This is the Clinton campaign. They tried to disenfranchise students in Iowa. Now they're trying to disenfranchise people here in Nevada, who are union members and people of color and women."

Rank-and-file members of Nevada's teachers union also come out against the lawsuit filed by their leadership. "We never thought our union and Senator Clinton would put politics ahead of what's right for our students, but that's exactly what they're doing," the letter stated.

Suppression of voters who dare to oppose the democrat machine. It is standard operating procedure for democrats. Remember that it was Al Gore and the DNC who sent squads of hit lawyers across Florida in 2000 to deny the vote to legally registered members of the United States Armed Forces serving overseas.