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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hillary's experience

Bryan at Hot Air reviews some of HRC's experience. It's not a pretty picture.

Hillary seems to understand real global conflict through the prism of Vietnam and through domestic politics. The latter is understandable as it does impact a president’s ability to lead, though it doesn’t ultimately speak well of her humanitarian principles; the former in the case of Yugoslavia is just about entirely wrong-headed. But it’s typical of Hillary’s slice of her generation, a group of people who seem to see in every single conflict everywhere in the world another Vietnam. To me, that by itself is enough reason to keep her away from presidential power. Every war isn’t Vietnam, but the fear of creating wars like that one will distort decision-making in unhealthy ways.

If you read the two articles, the picture of Hillary that emerges is of someone who exercised some influence and occasional power but without much in the way of direct responsibility, and who is pragmatic rather than principled, thin-skinned and difficult, and who puts her peculiar political priorities above the interests of the nation she wants to lead. Not serve, but lead. The idea of service doesn’t seem to be in her DNA. She wants to lead, but seems to be completely devoid of any guiding principles beyond the pursuit of power. That’s not a new critique of Hillary Clinton by any means, but it sure seems to be an accurate one.

If Hillary is running on her experience, why is she still withholding 2,600 pages of documents that detail her so called "experience"?