Urbin Report

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Americans tend to respond differently

secret asian man spots the pattern and the expected response:

The solution given for global warming looks suspiciously like the solution given for global cooling looks suspiciously like the solution given to pretty much any other problem.

The solution given is of course the same one that's been given by autocrats and elites since the days of the Pharoahs: "give up your harvests, give up your freedoms, or the natural order of the earth will fail and you shall starve!". For only the Pharoahs with their learning can understand and placate the gods, and if the gods are angry, why the Nile won't flood.

But, here's what's going to backfire:

We, being Americans, won't go for that. When gas gets expensive, we don't become communalists, we buy hybrids. When power becomes an issue, we start looking at going off-grid.

Environmentalism may turn out to be the catalyst for yet more individualism.

I happen to like both things, so that would make me happy. It'd also make me laugh.