Urbin Report

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hsu update

Hillary's felon fundraiser is back in the news:

A judge has frozen bank accounts and sealed the Manhattan apartment of Norman Hsu at the request of investors who say the jailed political fundraiser stole $40 million from them.

The Hong Kong-born Hsu, 56, is in jail in California, where he has been wanted since he pleaded no contest to grand theft charges then skipped town before he could be sentenced in 1992. Investigators say they believe Hsu fled to Hong Kong.

After being a fugitive for about 15 years, Hsu made a name for himself as a political fundraiser for Democrats. He was arrested about three weeks ago and now faces new federal charges in New York of bilking investors out of $60 million. Investigators say he donated some of that money to numerous Democratic candidates and causes.

As man who wrote the screenplay said, "Follow the money." I wouldn't be surprised if some of Hsu's cash tracked back to the Communist Chinese government. They are traditional Clinton donors.