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Friday, September 14, 2007

Ed Koch calls moveon a blackmailer

From the Washington Times Inside Politics column:

"In my opinion, the Democratic candidates declined to denounce MoveOn because they fear themselves becoming the victims of a similar onslaught from the radical left," former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat, writes in the New York Post.

"This is a cowardly position, which I hope they will rethink. It takes more than intelligence to be a good or great president. It takes integrity and courage, as well," Mr. Koch said.

"This is not the only wartime foolishness perpetrated by Democrats. This silence of the Democratic presidential candidates is similar to the damage to the country perpetrated by all but one of the Democratic members of Congress from New York City. They, with the exception of Rep. Anthony D. Weiner, voted against an amendment by Rep. Peter King which will protect passengers boarding planes who in good faith report suspicious activities of other passengers to airline personnel and police."