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Monday, July 23, 2007

Today's History Lesson

This listing of the facts comes from Jumpinjoe, commenting on WizBangBlog:

[President Bill] Clinton bombed Iraq four days in a row attacking suspected WMD sites.

Coincidentally this action took place a mere 12 hours before impeachment proceedings began. The Democrats then used their podium time to denounce the impeachment of a "war time president". (That makes you wonder how long Clinton would have sustained that action if they could sway others with that argument of holding off impeachment until hostilities were over)

This action also pissed off ALL of the permanent members of the Security Council except Great Britain. Gee, a Democrat pissing off the world by unilateral actions against the sovereign nation of Iraq. (That's just another lesson of hypocrisy from the left)

Three days later Saddam Hussein gave a speech in which he appealed to all Islamists to rise up in Jihad against Americans and the British.

Osama Bin Laden then issued another call for Jihad against the Americans and their allies-specifically citing the Clinton attacks on Iraq as a reason for the Jihad.

Then attack after attack against our interests continued leading up to 9-11.