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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Liberals never let the truth get in the way...

Take this raving rant by far left liberal extremist democrat California Senator Barbra Boxer for example. She tells the far left liberal radio talk show host Ed Schultz that America under GW Bush is as close as we’ve ever come to a dictatorship in this country.
For those of you who aren't that good at America History to see that is a complete load of crap, Rob at SayAnything has a few words for you, pay attention:

Personally, I think the closest we’ve ever come to a dictatorship in this country was probably under the Lincoln administration when old Honest Abe suspended habeas corpus for citizens (among other drastic measures he took to hold the union together). But regardless, whatever your view of Bush, comparing him to a dictator is utter nonsense.

That Boxer and her Democrats are upset because Bush isn’t bending over for the 300+ partisan fishing trips investigations they’ve initiated in the past couple of months, and refuses to simply give up on the war because that’s what his political opposition wants, hardly makes him a dictator. Which isn’t to say that Bush is always right (while I agree with many of his policy goals, his route to achieving them often leaves me cold), but he’s no Joe Stalin.

And as for Ed Schultz, an honest and level-headed political commentator would point out the absurdity of comparing Bush to a dictator. But honesty and sound analysis aren’t why the Democrats hired Schultz as their talk radio mouthpiece in the first place. Schultz was hired by the Democrats (remember that his national show was started with money given to him by top ranking Dems) to parrot their talking points.

Which is exactly what he does for three hours every single day.

For bit of more recent history, one could turn to FDR or even Billy Jeff Clinton, who had his appointees to run the IRS conduct witch hunt tax audits of his political foes, including nearly every women he sexually assaulted, or a least those with the courage to speak up.